April 20, 2019

The “Relativity” of Referendum Theory


Demonetization did force some people to wrack their brains to cook up one theory or the other. The economist ex- prime minister attributed it as “organized loot and plunder” and “monumental failure”. That was “Dynasty Theory” of demonizing demonetization. Sadly, this theory did not cut ice with public at large. Facts and Fiction cannot be merged to create alternate facts and mislead people.

Chidambaram has remarked that recently concluded BMC election results are not a “referendum” on demonetization. Municipal and election of civic bodies reflect ground realities. Rather than introspecting about reasons of failure Chidambaram is stuck on demonetization. Swamy’s revelation of 21 accounts held by Karti Chidambaram is a referendum on the conduct of Chidambarams. The inability of Enforcement Directorate and Ministry of Finance to pursue cases related to Chidambaram and Son is a referendum on inefficiency of Jaitley. We can go on and on and this relativity of referendum would not end.

Who is Chidambaram to decide what is and what is not referendum on “Demonetisation”? His reputation as “recounting minister”, a term given by Subramanian Swamy to Chidu when he lost Lok Sabha election and was declared winner after a recounting was done, is a referendum on his utter disregard for ethics and propriety. His usage of term “intemperate” and “crossed the line” to General Bipin Rawat’s stern message to overground workers of terrorists in Kashmir Valley, is a referendum on Chidambaram’s soft separatism stance.

Leaders like Chidambaram and Digvijay Singh are in a rat race to outdo each other for causing irreparable damage to the grand old party. The party once synonymous for natural party for governance has been reduced to “fringe” in politics. The referendums will put the last nail in the party’s coffin, Made in Amethi.

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