May 21, 2019

The search for an Icon..

Exactly an year back ‘Pseudo-liberal India’ got it’s icon in the form of Kanhaiah Kumar. The events at JNU are still fresh. The sloganeering, the incitement and the subsequent fracas haven’t been forgotten. Politicians grabbed the opportunity and made a bee-line to JNU to sympathise with the student Leaders who organised events that bordered on Anti-National activity –  conveniently interpreted as ‘Free Speech’ .

The media vetted and certified the event at JNU as ‘nothing abnormal’ and declared Kanhaiah and others as innocent during the course of their ‘media trial’. To Kanhaiah’s pleasant surprise, he found himself in the spotlight, a overnight hero , an Icon of the ‘Compulsively Liberal’ politicians and Media.

Come 2017 , the scene shifts from JNU to DU, same people, same issues and similar slogans. A sure shot recipe for trouble , and sure enough clashes erupt.

‘Gurmehar’, daughter of a martyr, a young and bold student of Delhi university takes Twitter by storm with her placard tweets.

Just like you and me , who have the right to air our views, she voiced her opinion about War and the violence on DU campus. She has the right to take sides  and she chose to oppose ABVP.

A perfectly normal situation gets blown out of proportion with the entry of the liberal brigade. They latched on to her tweets simply because ‘Gurmehar’ was critical of an ideology that is different from the Communist and Congress ideologies.

The Media descended in droves. They roll-out their time-tested and horribly partisan narrative of ‘Intolerant’ right wing, the nation descending into chaos, gag on Free Speech, radical Bhakts, divisive RSS and Saffronisation of campuses etc. A potboiler of the week is brewed, obviously ABVP (read BJP) is the villain and ‘Gurmehar’ – the Heroin.

In their esteemed opinion the Media feels that the invite to Umer Khalid isn’t a transgression, the slogan ‘Kashmir maange Aazadi’ isn’t anti-National. But  students who oppose Umer Khalid are ‘Intolerant’ Hindu radicals and goons who are out to destroy the edifice of Free Speech.

For the pseudo-liberal politicians and the Media, Gurmehar is today the symbol of resistance and defiance .
A innocent pawn for the political class to buttress their political agenda (and an image makeover to resurrect the flagging careers of some of the Neta’s). A tool for the Media houses to remain loyal to their Luyten god fathers and a chance to improve their ratings by making a humongous ‘issue’ out of a ‘non-issue’.

The lethal combination of power hungry politicians and TRP hungry Media houses, with scant respect to ‘Nationalism’, has come to the aid of  the filth that tarnished JNU  and that which threatens to inundate Delhi university to spread it’s viscous propaganda in the guise of Free Speech.

The contrited intension of the organisers of the event at DU is obvious, it’s an attempt to disrupt studies during exam season, blame it on intolerance and then polarise campuses. It was JNU in the recent past, today it’s DU and in the near future it could be any other UNIVERSITY.

“Skewed liberalism has once again skewered Nationalism on the fire of prejudiced ‘Freedom of Expression’ – and we can do nothing about it ?”



Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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