May 24, 2019

The Taj

The seculars and the liberals should understand that they had no part in the freedom struggle of India except in breaking this country into two and looting this nation’s wealth. Nothing good has happened to this nation and no wealth has been brought from outside to develop this nation by the Islamic and Christian invaders. Only the wealth of this nation was used to destroy the various places of worship and this process is continued by the various intolerant minorities and the Indicphobic governments. The Tajmahal was not the baap ka maal of some ruler as it was the built with wealth of Indians which was in illegal possession of an invader for a small period of time.

None of the liberal intellectuals would want to give the buildings and monuments of certain communities the true status and the Indiphobic governments of India have poured great resources to main tombs of traitors, tyrants and other aliens while forgetting to pay basic tributes to the soldiers who defended this land. Only recently there has been a realization and the Indiphobic governments are trying to do something to correct this issue by building monuments in honor of the warriors of the nation.

The secular bigots and intolerant minorities consider that India was a private property of Islamic Mughals and the Christian British. The hare brained bigots donot consider that the people of this land existed even before the secular gods had even existed in any form in this universe. The seculars forget that the India is run by the blood and sweat of the Hindu Indians because Hindus continue to be in majority and are the majority tax contributors to the nation and yet the Hindu monuments are allowed to rot following the principles of the Chrislamic rule inorder to keep the intolerant minorities in a happy state of mind.

The Indicphobia is a disease make the governments have looted the wealth from the numerous temples and have been using to build the places of worship of the intolerant minorities. These intolerant minorities claim persecution which is a nice play because only one group can claim persecution and the intolerant minorities took the first opportunity. All governments that have formed with the blessings of the British and then the people of India have suffered from Indicphobia and the current government has the highest Indicphobia and it gets exposed more when matters related to equality for Hindus are concerned.

All that exists in India is the wealth of Hindus first and then the Indians. The statement must be repeated because one bigoted harebrained Prime Minister made a statement that the intolerant minorities have the first right on the nation’s resources. This statement should be repeated because some intolerant communities have begun the noises about the plans to divide the so called public wealth and public budget based on their religions and caste. Every single paisa of the public wealth lies in the hands of all the Indians and everyone has an equal right to it. The spending should not be discriminated in any way except some tasks can only be prioritized but not communities. Some region wise discrimination can be allowed for a fixed period of time but not a perennial discrimination which exists today.

The Taj Mahal is a tomb and Indians believe the myth that Taj is a symbol of love while in reality it should have been properly represented as the symbol of

  • Maternal Mortality
  • Labor Exploitation and Slavery
  • Anti-Feminism

The true picture of the Taj will tell the secularism and also the general state governance of the ruler who built it.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter


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