March 22, 2019

The Troll Dogma


Ram Jethmalani has written in Sunday Guardian that father, friend and philosopher of black money is Chidambaram. It would be appropriate to call Digvijay Singh as pioneer of trolling in political domain. His comments defy logic and reek of desperation to stay in limelight. He has more sexist comments to his credit than number of election he has fought.

Modi is held responsible for any rant by a random twitter troll but Mr Digvijay gets away by saying anything. Why Sonia/Rahul are not questioned on nonsensical outbursts of their party general secretary? Swati Chaturvedi, it’s time do an in house research about trolls. Digvijay Singh would enlighten you with variety .


Mr Singh has made a sweeping generalisation. Not all madarsas spread hate and Saraswati Shishu Mandirs are centers of excellence. His statement amounts to defamation and should be pursued legally.

DD News lost one of the best anchors to Mr Singh but that could not change his mindset. After Congress’ debacle Mr Singh urged Madam Sonia to do Surgery. No surgery happened because the person who recommended surgery needs Lobotomy. Neurologists have not been able to understand how Mr Singh’s brain generates so much filth. Doctors are opting  for second opinion (Rai). Could lack of sufficient blood supply to the brain one of the reasons? May be, who knows there is gush of blood supply to the pelvic region and that’s causing the mess.

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