March 19, 2019

The Tughluqi Government

Too many soul harvesters have been trapped in war zones and most of them can be easily profiled. All these trapped people have the same set of characteristics and it is neither economic nor is it humanitarian.

The Tughluqi Government of India makes tall claims of bringing back citizens of India from war zones as if it is a great miracle. The government must answer a few questions:

  • How can citizens of our country go to the war zones even when there is an advisory against travelling to these zones? Why there are no checks in the airport or other places to prevent people from going into warzones?
  • Why the citizens are going to the war zones? If the purpose is private can the government be responsible for their lives and the dangers they face in the hostile territory?
  • What has the government sacrificed to get these trapped people because in the warzones there are no humanitarian considerations especially with people hell bent on killing all others who believe in different ideologies?
  • Should the government not make a policy regarding the people getting purposefully trapped in the warzones where in the warring parties are hostile to the ideology of our civilization.

This is not to say that the government should pull out its citizens from anywhere and from any difficult situation. The government should help its citizens but at what cost is also more important.

The Tughluqi Government being a secular can help a soul harvester in a foreign land but cannot prevent attacks on its citizens in this own soil. What is heroic about it when the government first fails in fulfilling its obligation to the people within its control does a Rambo act in foreign lands? Is it some bravado or is it failure of the government and putting a Band-Aid when a surgery is necessary?

Several radical are going to warzones and here the Tughluqi Government does a secular japa to prove to everyone that is one true Secular party. The opposition is making tall claims in foreign lands that the government is fascist or the rise in intolerance in this country. The communal citizens of this country are abused by people who are against the Tughluqi Government. Nothing matters to the Tughluqi Government except for the grand shows and big applauses for the petty things it does in the name of vikas and Sab Ka Saath.

Even the real Tughluq did something to the people he believed were his own but the Fake Tughluqi government does nothing to the people who have worked for it in general and the nation in particular. The Tughluqi government penalizes its own people to claim fake moral high ground and then punishes a bit more for expecting delivery of promises as it only wanted to shield the plunderers while enjoying the richness of lives from the ivory towers. One life saved in an alien territory is worth nothing when tens of its own supporters are killed in broad daylight. But the Tughluqi government has its priorities all messed up.

Only a Tughluq would be proud of these achievements.


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