April 24, 2019

The Wiles and Guiles of Nitish are Legendary

Is his yesterday’s move a masterstroke?

He maneuvered deftly out of long and successful alliance with BJP envisioning relegation by the resurgent saffron Party under Modi and emerged victorious stemming the tide of saffron tsunami – not an ordinary feat.

But the lure of the ‘Gaddhi’ has its drawbacks, it has a cost attached to it. The fear that an alliance with BJP may weaken his clout and alienate his minority & Dalit vote base and erode the socialistic image, Nitesh chose to align with his bitter rival-turned-friend Lalu Prasad Yadav . Although the move paid off at the hustings, Nitesh was burdened with a demanding and a tainted partner.

The heat on Lalu and family has given Nitesh an opportunity to rework his strategy, in other words, the skeletons tumbling out of the Lalu cupboard has given Nitish a ‘Bahana‘ to wriggle out of the uncomfortable bear hug of a fellow ‘Lohiaiite’.

Nitesh is ‘doordarshi’, his far-sight is now clearly focused on the next state elections. He knows that although Yadav votes matter, the taint on Lalu may sully his clean image and be counterproductive to his re-election bid.

The swing of the pendulum that a few years back swung from a Right wing ideology to Lohiaiite ideology seems to be swinging back. Lalu an ideological brother a few years back is neither ‘Ideal’ nor ‘Logical’ in the present circumstances.

RJD’s adamance refusing to relinquish power put Nitesh in a spot . They dared Nitesh to sack Tejasvini Yadav , because sacking the Deputy Chief Minister would have given the RJD a chance to play the victim card and could have generated sympathy for them .

Instead of jettisoning the RJD and hand them a sympathy wave , Nitesh did the unthinkable , he chose to resign  thereby killing two birds with one stone – garnered sympathy for himself , and also projected himself as clean Leader .

MahaGatbandan is not Maha anymore, it’s falling apart  and the rate at which the opposition is collapsing under its own weight of bloated egos and derailed political narrative only helps strengthen the BJP. 

BJP has its last laugh – it’s laughing all the way to power in Bihar. The coffers of 2019 are there for it to grab without a fight.

Picture Credit: Zee News


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