May 19, 2019

The woes of the Fourth Estate !!!

The parallels drawn by senior journalists between the President of America and the Prime Minister of India is at best amusing and laughable .

Their platitude clearly belies the fact that they are a frustrated lot , because, the corridors of power, once their favourite backyard , is now out-of-bounds for these power-brokers who masquerade as paparazzi , the power and influence that they were habituated to during earlier regimes has been denied to them adding to their exasperation .

The American press is applauded by our Journalists for its critical stance on Trump (both during the campaign and after assuming office).

For reasons best known to him , grumpy Trump has been at loggerheads with the media there , his knee jerk executive orders and cocky attitude have ensured that he remains in the media glare (for the wrong reasons) . He has gradually painted himself into a corner , the latest revelation on sharing of classified data with Russia is another of his goof-ups.  Gleefully , the media there has latched on to the story and the decks are being brusquely cleared for a Newsroom trial and impeachment of Trump .

The question here is, are the two countries and the two leaders comparable vis-a-vis their relationship with the ‘Fourth Estate’ ?

Some of our esteemed journalists seem to think so !!!

What’s amusing is that a section of Media houses in India seem to suggest that American media is better off in comparison to their Indian counterparts. Their irrational claim stems from two issues that confront them in India.

The primary issue is the rise of the right wing. They have made no bones about their angst against the rightist ideology taking root . The media thus far aligned clearly in favour of ‘Left’ and ‘Left of Centre’ finds itself sidelined , and to make matters worse , a new breed of Media contemporaries have found favour with the viewers , who incidentally , were fed up with the incessantly biased rant against Modi .

The sulking Journalists conveniently forget to tell us that , in America , it’s Trump who hates the media , but whereas in India , it’s a section of Media (which ruled the roost during earlier regimes) is upset with Modi, it’s they who are running an vilification campaign against Modi – it’s not the other way round (but they want us to believe otherwise) .

Secondly, The fourth estate, the world over, wields considerable clout, the press is both respected and feared because of its ‘connect’ with the masses who lap up news – the more sensational the News,  the better.

The disgruntled journalists who enjoyed soaring popularity suddenly find themselves staring at dipping fortunes , plummeting TRP’s and diminishing influence (within the government) . Their predicament is self-made & self-inflicted solely due to their penchant for ‘Political Influence’ at the cost of Journalism and journalistic values.

In India the ‘Fourth Estate’ has never been impartial & unbiased. Truth has never been reported truthfully , facts have never been stated honestly and content was never free from political influence. The journalists who are crying foul today,  were in fact the blue eyed favorites in political circles till recently, not for their honest Journalism,  but for their unabashed pandering for political favors.

A new breed of Journalism has emerged, the yesteryear Journos instead of taking potshots and cribbing & crying about erosion of journalistic values (they themselves were the root cause for the erosion) better hand-up their boots gracefully .

Time for the aggrieved Jurnos to introspect and grieve over their brand of Journalism instead of comparing the media of the two nations and the Leaders of the two nations. It’s needless to remind that while Trump is a political novice, Modi is a seasoned politician – an incomparable comparison ( but they still want to compare) !!!

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