April 20, 2019

The Yogi Era: A Balancing Act for Bahumat and Sarvmat


Orange is the new Black, the color in Vogue for the state of Uttar Pradesh. The ascension of Yogi to the post of Chief Minister of India’s most populous state has caused heartburn to the liberal brigade. The brigade is doing every bit to create fear psychosis among minorities and blowing Yogi’s statements out of context. A deja vu moment for liberals. They went through the grind when Modi rose to echelons of power.

The rise of Yogi has been celebrated with gusto by Hindus and Muslims. Media is hell bent on creating a_20170319_222015 facade of hate mongering. The wordplay on “Hindutva” is being distorted to defame the “way of life” ruling of the apex court of the country. Yogi Sarkar has embraced inclusiveness. Muslim member in the cabinet is not for tokenism but for the cause of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”. The mandate (Bahumat) which has powered Yogi has enabled him to carry forward “Sarvmat”.

The New India will be propelled by development of all sections of the society. Narrow sectarian pseudo secularism has been rejected by the electorate of UP. Yogi will have a herculean task of development of the state. It would be unfair to expect miracles in months. The damage done by SP and BSP will take some years to be undone.



Team Yogi would need time to make the state “Uttam Pradesh”. The nuisance created by main stream media will only add to the resolve of Yogi Sarkar.  The ascetic of Gorakhpur has the mettle to fill into shoes of Modi. A succession plan has begun.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, thanks to all tweeples.


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