May 21, 2019

This Independence Day can be Unique – #MeraSankalp

Western culture has set in our day to day life big time. We have forgotten our culture and unknowlingly started following west in almost all walks of life. If someone reminds us of our roots we feel offended.

Let me share a quote of Swami Vivekanand:

The Western scientist seeks for unity in the atom or the molecule. When he finds it, there is nothing further for him to discover, and so when we find that Unity of Soul or Self, which is called Atman, we can go no further. It becomes clear that everything in the sense world is a manifestation of that One Substance.

Coming back to western culture, for once, let us use one so called practice but for our own convenience. The New Year Resolution.

Yes, this Independence Day, let us make a resolution Sankalp  . In Modiji’s style. There would be millions of Sankalp benefiting the Society, Nation and the world.


Let us not get carried away even by Candle Light Event. One’s who create this in the comfort of an air conditioned News room studio are not to be seen when you want them. To the extent they don’t even bother to do a retweet if you tag them. Now you lead by example and give yourself the satisfaction of creating something unique and implementing the way you want.

The west has been practicing YOGA and taking benefits of it. We are still stuck in politics and discussing whether Yoga should be part of syllabus as the genesis is from Hinduism.

West has realised the importance of Sanskrit and some countries are already teaching Sanskrit. West is actually teasing us in many ways. We too can have a healthy fight. Let us use New Year Resolution to our Advantage. Let us do something unique. Sankalp.

It’s not about hoisting flag in housing society or in office or listening to the PM from Red Fort. This Independence Day should be about Independence from existing slavery of thought. Just use one for your benefit. It could be anything. Wearing Khadi, Saying Pranaam instead of Good Morning, Being a Vegan, make a small group and adopt a Cow if abandoned by owner, learning Sanskrit, using preventive medication that are home grown or home made. It could be anything.

It would be one of the best gift to Young Generation.

Like Yoga. Let each one of us get involved. Take Sankalp.  

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