April 20, 2019

To Catch A Mockingbird

Harper Lee wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird” in 1960 and won Pulitzer Prize. Our very own fugitive “King of Good Times” has mocked Indian government. “Keep dreaming about billions” These words from Mallya show his utter defiance and disregard for Indian law and the government. Would anyone from Indian literary circles pen “To catch a Mockingbird”? Let the writer be assured of a “Sahitya Academy Award” with no “Award Wapasi” clause!

The shoddy pace of investigation has been highlighted by Chief Magistrate of Westminster Magistrate Court. Six months gone, no evidence furnished. With this kind of enthusiasm, Mallya’s extradition will be like chasing a wild dream. Will writers of movie “Special 26” be benevolent enough to offer some innovative ideas to CBI and enforcement agencies to get into action?

The way things are, we might see Mallya watching a champions trophy match with Lalit Modi next year. Booing Mallya won’t get the money he owes to the banks. The current debate of farmer debt and corporate debt has raked up a great deal of noise. Taxpayer’s money is on the platter for corporates and willful defaulters of farmer loans. Populism has put a dent in fiscal deficit figures. Grandstanding and chest thumping about extradition of Mallya is hardly going to help unless the last penny has been recovered. There are hardly any takers for Kingfisher Villa in Mumbai. The assets under custody of banks are not fetching competitive pricing. The loss of 9000 crores stares the banks in their face and a double whammy of corporate debt restructuring and farm waivers will make matters only worse for the banks.

Picture Credit: News18.com


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