May 23, 2019

To War……To War……To War with Pakistan…….

Uri – 18th September 2016 – Pakistan sponsored terrorists attack on the Indian Army Brigade HQ killed 18 soldiers. The four terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed were exterminated at site.

This specific attack can be considered as the ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’. The time has now come to attack Pakistan and destroy it as it stands today.

But, hold on. What does this exactly mean?

In the conventional warfare of olden times, this would have meant a cross-border attack using our tanks and infantry regiments while the air-force pounded strategic targets to rubble and the Navy attacked the Pakistani ports of Karachi and Gwadar.

But, we live in modern times. War is no longer a lateral activity where winners are decided by the amount of land that can be captured from the loser or the extent of damage that can be caused to the enemy’s infrastructure. It is no longer, even; the issue of capturing your enemy’s treasury or saleable assets. America has tried this in Iraq since 2003 and 13 years later is still failing miserably to control their ‘captured’ territory.

War between India and Pakistan today will cause ripples across surrounding nations and countries and impact the economics of almost every nation, near and far.

Does that mean that India should keep quiet, remain spineless and suffer the continuous humiliation from Pakistan? The answer is no; specifically an emphatic NO!

Remember our ancestor Chanakya? In war he used the quadruple tactics of ‘Saam, Daam, Danda, Bhed” (Saam = Strategy, Daam = Money power / Bribe, Danda = Force and Bhed = Cunning / Duplicity). And that has to be the basis of India’s next war against Pakistan.

The objective should be to over-run that country and remove its Islamic politics from the roots, while totally destroying its Armed Forces Command Structure (Not the rank-and-file, just the Generals) and to bring in a non-religious, non-sectarian democratic system of administration. Basically once Indian forces, accompanied by our Civil Administration enters and captures Pakistani territory we have to be prepared to stay there for at least 70 – 100 years, i.e. Three to five generations of citizens.

Why? Because the population of Pakistan that will be brought under Indian administration will not happily submit to being ruled by those who they will consider as foreigners and invaders, and will consistently revolt and fight back with armed guerrilla tactics.  Just like in Iraq, Indian soldiers and support staff inside Pakistan will constantly be in danger and will suffer casualties.

So, how do we achieve all this?

Indian will have to use the 4D doctrine of “Defend, Deny, Diminish and Defeat”.

First: Defend our assets: The Indian Government will have to go into a war-mode and strictly enforce the laws of Indian all over the Nation, but emphatically and strictly in the Border States; to reduce anti-national activities, stop the activities of traitors within India and ensure that there is a rise in public confidence and awareness towards India’s defense strategy. Since law-enforcement will happen in the public domain, there is no issue of leakage of secret plans or strategies.

Second: DenyPakistan any lee-way to get funding or financial assistance from foreign countries. Pakistan’s financial well-being is dependent on the billions of dollars that it receives as Aid from America, Saudi-Arabia, and Qatar and the financial and military aid that it receives from China. Saudi and Qatar can be brought to heel by a simple commitment by India to their respective governments, that when war starts and India invades Pakistan; any assistance to Pakistan prior to the conflict or during conflict will be considered as assistance to the enemy and Indian nuclear missiles will most definitely reach Riyadh, Doha and other assets of these two States. Since USA has its largest air-force base outside of continental USA in Doha, any attack on Doha will definitely be an attack on USA; and thus USA will become part of the war, unless they mediate and force these two Arab countries to stop financial aid to Pakistan.

With USA and Canada, along-with NATO countries; there will have to be a broad and intensive diplomatic effort to convey the message of a forth-coming holocaust if Pakistan is not invaded, captured, and subdued. These diplomatic efforts would be focused on the populations of these countries using the support of the Indian Diaspora already settled there. Since Pakistan trained terrorist have already carried out attacks in Western countries and the population there is already suffering from these attacks; convincing the people of these countries to pressurize their representatives in the Senate(s) or Parliament(s) would not be an impossible task. We can and should ask the assistance of Israel in this war against Pakistan since Israel has always been grimly concerned about Pakistan’s Islamic Nuclear arsenal and would love the opportunity to neutralize this threat once-and-for-all. India should also ensure the cooperation and diplomatic support of Russia to keep USA and NATO in check and prevent them from undertaking any adventurous initiatives.

China can be controlled by imposing a total ban on the import and distribution of Chinese manufactured goods inside India. Yes, many Indians will smuggle Chinese material to make a quick profit; but this can be controlled by harsh legal punishment and government enforced destruction of Chinese made goods and products. The denial of a huge market will ensure that China thinks twice about supporting Pakistan any further in its war against India.

Thirdly: Diminish – the emotional value of Pakistan sponsored terrorist operations by using Psych-Ops (Psychological warfare) against the Jihadis. The terrorists are afraid of two issues after they are killed committing Jihad. One is the fear of their dead bodies being cremated and the other is the fear of their dead bodies being buried with pigs. While a non-jihadi person may consider these two issues as mundane and not worth the thought; for the Jihadi, it is crucial that his physical body after death remains pure and in one-piece. This is not usually the case after they have been shot dead or they commit suicide with explosives; but they are brain-washed to such an extent by the mullahs that they refuse to accept realistic logic in their blinkered minds. Psych-Ops, if used diligently and surgically will diminish the availability of future jihadis into the ranks of the terrorist organizations that are funded and guided by Pakistan.

Further to this, India must take a bold stand and issue financial bounty(s) on the heads of terrorist organizations and those mullahs in Pakistan who preach Jihad. While Pakistani mafia and other criminals who are capable of such extra-judicial executions don’t trust America or its allies; India still holds enough credibility to be trusted by these elements. This will lead to an internal crime war in Pakistan, further eroding the hold that the Pakistani Generals have on the population there.

Fourth: Defeat – the multiple enemies that we will face in any war against Pakistan. These enemies are the Generals of the Pakistani Armed Forces, the various terrorist and Jihadi organizations, the mullahs who preach Jihad, the Separatist in Kashmir, their supporters amongst the Indians (CPI, CPIM, Presstitutes, self-declared intelligentsia, and others of their breed). The government and the people of India both know, who these people are and they need to be legally and socially pressurized to ensure their loyalty towards our Nation. Some of our enemies can be subdued using legal tactics and social pressure, but the terrorists will have to be exterminated and the Generals of Pakistan will have to stand trial in a court-of-law for their activities against humanity and for extreme violation of human rights. From Baluchistan to Kashmir to India, there is plenty of evidence over many years that can be used to literally hang the guilty on the hangman’s noose.

Two other issues that seem to be on everyone’s mind are; (a) Use of Nuclear Weapons by Pakistan against India, (b) the so-called China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

On the first issue, the chances of use of Nuclear weapons by the Pakistani Generals or the Political establishment are slim to none. This is because the Generals and the Politicians have pocketed humongous amounts of money that they have been receiving over the last few decades and have built up assets in various countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada, USA, Australia and Europe. They are not going to allow their lifestyle of expensive Scotch, multiple-mistresses and global business enterprises be reduced to ashes. More than the Generals, it’s their legal and bastard off-springs who will prevent any such holocaust from taking place. The other pressure on the Generals to desist on the use of nuclear weapons will come from the Gulf countries and USA, because the mere thought of nuclear missiles hitting their oil-fields and natural-gas reservoirs and turning Arabic countries into large burning infernos and ruining the oil- based economies of USA and Europe will put the fear of the life and death into their rulers and leaders. Everybody is well aware of one reality – a nuclear war is a Zero sum game where everybody loses and nobody wins.

On the second issue of CPEC, articles have been sprouting over the internet that China will attack India over their estimated 50 billion dollar investment in the CPEC project and how it will try to defend its influence in the Indian-Asian part of our continent and Africa. These reports are pure bull-crap and seem to the fantasies of communist supporters. China has never gone to war over an economic issue since the end of the Second World War and the Chinese; who are masters of creating and controlling economic structures globally, will definitely not attack India on this small issue of CPEC. All that India has to do is sign an internationally ratified treaty with China that once India captures and controls Pakistani assets, they will allow China the full economic benefits of CPEC; which India will also use to its own benefits.

To put this all in a nutshell, war with Pakistan is inevitable. It will happen; when circumstances are created to ensure that we will win this war comprehensively and effectively; adding their territory to our own country. The specifics of the battle are best left to our military leadership who are amongst the best in the world. But it will be the politics and statesmanship before, during and after the war that will decide whether it will be a turning point towards our place in history and global society or just another debacle that will cost lives, and economic upheavals.

In conclusion; this war will not be without consequences to us as a community. There will be flight of capital out of the country and foreign investments will cease. We can expect Pakistani missiles to strike at least a few targets in India; which means that normal life as we know it will be affected. Railways will be used on priority by the Armed forces, thus civilian travel will be restricted. Day-to-day laborers and daily-wage earners will suffer, as will the salaried class. Recession will become a part of our economy for at least a couple of years. We will have disrupted power (electric) supply, fresh water will be hard to obtain, and prices of food items with rocket up as demand outstrips supply. Apart from this, we will lose many of our brave-hearts in battle. We, as a community; will have to ensure the rehabilitation of their families, the education for their children, the good health of their elderly and the spiritual and emotional well-being of their near and dear ones. Are we ready and willing to make the sacrifices that war will demand of our civilian population?

Jai Hind. Bharatmata Ki Jai.

Article by: ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar

Twitter: @sanjaymatkar

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