May 24, 2019

Towards a Better Tomorrow – Ministers or Citizens? Part 1

Our Prime Minister has taken the task of improving every sphere of life for the common people.  New schemes are announced on a routine basis, progress report shared as infographic on social media consistently.Yet a lot more needs to be done.

On completing two years in office the government asked its ministers to travel Pan India, hold press conferences and share the achievements.

I was personally present in one of the press conference in Mumbai where Shri R.S. Prasad shared the achievements. The atmosphere was cordial, Minister was cooperative. Lots of selfies taken.

One over enthusiastic person who abhorred social media earlier took undue advantage of the opportunity and very conveniently pushed his chair next to Shri Kirit Somaiya (MP) as if he is genuinely part of the press conference.

Post the press conference twitter was filled with lucky Mumbaikars uploading pictures with Shri R.S. Prasad. None present there from social media asked any relevant question. Only sensible question asked was from Shri Anil Kohli “Why government is not using Social Media for advertisements? It will save money and reach faster and effectively to the right audience”.

Shri R.S. Prasad was candid enough to accept that the government has not thought about it but will surely look into it.

A follow up tweets was sent same day and rest is history. Hopefully something may be under process but no update from the minister.


Flashback Time

No matter what Shri. Modi may do, the reality is barring few Ministers most have shown utter disregard to the citizens when they were approached for help. Will allow some screen shots do the talking.

RSP 1 2

I may be jumping to conclusion too fast. So here is one more sample of screen shots that speaks volumes about the weak link that our PM is connected to.

GS 2                                                                GSA 1

Despite these experiences I am a highly motivated citizen. We have Ministers who are active even on a Sunday morning. Sample this as recent as June 19, 2016.

Rly 1                                                 Rly 2 2

Rly 3                                                                               Rly 4

Check the Summary

Tweet to Railway Ministry and DRM sent at 11:02 am

Revert came at 11:08 am. Instruction given to concerned staff at 11: 17 am

Assurance given on the spot. First opportunity railway staff got at Igatpuri railway station and needful was done. Follow up service was ready at Bhusawal railway station too.

This is not Customer Service, this is Customer Delight.

What else do we want after paying tax money and voting for a party that wants to connect with masses by way of good governance.

Time has changed and voters know the power they have in hand. Its up to the PM to decide whether he wants to continue with non performing ministers or he wants to do a litmus test in 2019.

Series on grass root experience continues in Part 2 next Sunday.

Pic Credit: Wiki


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