April 20, 2019

Track Two

Track Two had been an important part of Indian diplomacy to appease the radical nation called Pakistan. The Track Two involved intellectual terrorists, journalism terrorists and some politicians going across the border and meeting behind closed doors and discussing the ways of improving peace. For years on end these people have junkets and have enriched themselves while the citizens of Bharat have been dying in the hands of Pakistani terrorists.

The people of Track Two had immense clout in the various government departments and had always means to access sensitive information and also sensitive spots. These Track Two people directly worked for the terrorists and helped in white washing the crimes of the terrorists while they harassed the governments of the day if any action was getting ready for implementation. The conspiracy theorists always had a great time discussing the richness of the Track Two people.

The Track Two people wanted the government to talk to Pakistan which always wanted to rule over Bharat after it became an Islamic nation The Track Two people donot want the armed forces to guard the nation against the various terrorists. The Track Two people would not shed a tear when a soldier is beheaded by terrorist, or when a soldier is killed by a terrorist using terror supporting kashmiri as a shield. There would be no noise when a terrorist kills a civilian in any part of India or when Indians are killed by anti-India ideology supporters.

The Track Two people are only worried about their junkets and blow their trumpets to the highest bidder because they are mostly clear in their mission of supporting Pakistan. Every party has Track Two supporters because not many can escape the lure of junkets and royal treatment. The Indian army was supposed to be a punching bag for the Pakistan as the Track Two would give justifications on the attacks on the army and India based on the internal politics of Pakistan and at times in regards to China.

The Track Two people would tell us that some terrorists attack Indian soldiers or fire at Indian Borders because the ISI wants to prove its superiority over the civilian government. It is no secret that the nation Pakistan exists to fulfill the ambitions of establishing an Islamic State in India and civilian government is the Manmohan of ISI Sonia. The Track Two would want the Army to accept the various blows as we are a nation of Gandhians.

Pakistani minded Kashmiri stone pelters are to be protected at all costs even if a soldier is attacked; is what Track Two people would command the government. The army has always feared the Track Two much more than the fanatic Pakistan terrorists. Without firing a single bullet, without using any force the Track Two could destroy any institution and could ensure the disintegration of any institution and it is a miracle that the Track Two have failed in breaking the defense forces inspite of recent stings and other scripted dramas by some defense personnel in matters of OROP, food, etc.

The surgical strikes by the army have made the Track Two people to squirm in pain and it is too big an insult for these people because they could not stop it. Apart from these minor insults such as army retaliating back at the firing by the Pakistan has been causing a lot of heart burn and to rub salt on their injured pride the Government is not even talking to terrorist separatists. The Track Two people have shown a lot of magnanimity in spite of these provocations by the government but one single act has made these people lose their minds.

The armed forces which was to get only beaten, abused by the secular kashimiri terrorists was the norm set by the Track Two people. But Major Leetul Gogoi broke the secular rekha drawn by the Track Two people and it is has made these people lose their Indianness if any was left in them. There is nothing left in these Track Two people to tell the people and everything is clear to everyone who wants to understand. The real Track Two is the laying of the Track for dividing the Bharat into two parts continuously till there is no Bharat is left. But it seems Major Gogoi has put a biggest obstacle in their path and every Bharatiya hopes that more such actions follow hence forth. Track Two is now stopped in its Tracks and it is right time to completely dismantle the Tracks.

Picture Credit: DNA India


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