May 23, 2019

Tragedy in waiting? Will Chief Minister Wake Up and Avert it?

This afternoon I had received the below image on whatsapp, even though the person who had forwarded the photo is well known to me personally, unlike the Mainstream Media in India , I decided to share the image with two tweeple from kolkatta. I am glad that I did exercise caution instead of jumping like Cat on hot Tin Roof.






The chief Minister of West Bengal has recently won the mandate to govern the state again, It’s a fervent hope and appeal to the chief Ministerof West Bengal  to act now instead of after the tragedy strike due to the cracks visible in the bridge, which as stated by the person I had reached out to confirm the veracity of the information wrote back on twitter. “Yes Mr. @anilkohli54 Many #VivekanadaSetu incidents waiting to happen…Firhad has got “license to kill” thrgh poll”

tSocial Media is a powerful tool which can help save lives and avert major tragedies if it’s utilized properly.

Blocking tweeple on the basis of inconvenient question posed serves no purpose. Hope Chief Minister of west Bengal will also make amend in her approach to criticism on twitter.

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