May 23, 2019

Transforming India is Work In Progress. Government Transformed is a Reality.





This is not the first instance when NDTV has had to face ire of twitter users in particular, however this will rankle the most, a coup d’etat of sorts has gone sour due to twitterati unleashing their fire power against their favourite leader and government. Ndtv’s nose has been rubbed in dirt right proper.

Signing a MOU with BJP lead union government ,would have given NDTV and it venom spewing brigade more than enough ammonuition   to target the GOI and its supporters.

Alas that did not come to pass, India is transforming. Government has been transformed. Popular sentiment is not easy to ignore for a popularly elected government. MOU was withdrawn with a “ figleaf of flawed MOU”

Lets revert back to the earlier episodes when NDTV was at the receiving end in April 2013 following tweets tell the story of what transpired then.












121314This was followed by another attempt of NDTV being thwarted by twitter

that is when this channel attempted to piggy back on M/S Newslaundry, Mr Modi withdrew at the N th hour and the  show failed.

Following tweets are a testimony to that episode.




On a personal note I am very fortunate to have received special mention from our Prime Minister in 2015 when I had suffered a stroke, country of 1.20billion people, no tweet sent to Prime minister yet the


Prime Minister found time to tweet to me & wish me a speedy recovery, this should have converted me into a deaf dumb and blind supporter of our Prime Minister, No it did not do that, millions of us toiled hard to ensure we installed a government and Prime Minister who would meet our aspiration, we voted, we canvassed, cajoled, convinced and converted others into voting for Mr. Modi, others of BJP who won were collateral victories our focus was only on Mr. Modi.

We are ardent supporters, trenchant critics as well no coin is single sided. Commendation & condemnation walk hand in hand. Unlike other NaMo supporters are vocal, focused & clear headed.

The MoU may have been rescinded, we still need to know what were the compulsion & merits on the basis which it was signed, who in the union cabinet is driving such misadventures. We will remain vigilante to ensure such fiascos die instantaneously.

In conclusion. We are only concerned with Prime Minister Modi because we toiled to install him and continue to make NaMo feel the burden of popular support. Captain gets the applause and the brickbats.

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