May 24, 2019

Travesty of Justice?

The carte blanche acquitted of all accused in India’s biggest scam , namely the 2G telecom scam , is a severe indictment of India’s premier Investigative agency , the Central Bureau of Investigation .

The Judge’s terse observation that ‘Prosecution has miserably failed’ is a comprehensive slap on the face of CBI and the prosecuting team .

Dawood Ibrahim must be cursing himself for having to live in an accursed country like Pakistan when he could have endured a short jail term in India and waited and trusted the CBI to produce ‘foolish’ evidence instead of ‘fool proof’ evidence to force the courts to release him , a free man free to pursue his nefarious and lucrative business in a criminal friendly country like ours .

The verdict is a huge setback to all law abiding citizens of the nation . The recently released income tax statistics clearly point towards a skewed compliance ratio where majority of tax payers are the middle & employed class . Hard earned money sincerely paid by Nationalistic taxpayer ends up being swindled by greedy and corrupt politicians , bureaucratic haunchos and corporate cronies , and we as a nation are helpless because the ‘long arm of law’ turns out to be a prosthetic , limp and useless .

The euphoria in the Congress and DMK ranks is at best a shameless mockery of the law of the land . Prima facie it’s abundantly evident that there was a malafide attempt to tamper with the allocation process to favour certain corporates . Just because an incompetent investigative agency is unable to produce evidence the crime cannot be denied and the criminals cannot assume that they are absolved of all their sins . The people’s court is not mute & dumb , hence the rejoicing politicians better tone down the celebration if they possess even an iota of conscience .

The scam was blot on the political landscape of India . A dark chapter of politico-corporate nexus that robbed the nation of an amount with so many zeros that a common man found it tough to keep count . The zeros are too many , but the biggest ZERO is the CBI .


Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter and @jgopikrishnan70


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