April 20, 2019

Tri-Axis of Evil..

China, Pak & North Korea

The World powers are mute spectators to the Nuclear Arrogance of North Korea. The young psychopath who helms the nation has exhibited traits that are a combination of maniacal tendencies of the likes of Hitler, Idi Amin and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

He has been executing people at will, killing some with anti-aircraft guns and taking pride in doing that, how crude and cruel can you get? He has been firing his missiles to provoke Japan and South Korea. And now,  a Nuclear test to announce to the world that he is capable of annihilating any nation at his whims and fancy at the press of a button with his plump little finger.

The usual condemnations are doing the rounds. The Americans call for further sanctions and others talk of further isolation. Resolution after resolution will be passed by the UN, all a waste of time because the Rollie-Pollie supremo will scoff at them and continue with his brattish ways, as long as he is patted on his back by his big brother – China and as long as Chinese dole keeps him fed.

Pakistan may not be as bad an example as North Korea, but a threat no less.

Here is a failed state that is armed to the teeth with Nuclear Weapons. They have no qualms nurturing and sheltering terrorists, Murderers are their national treasure, terror training camps are their national heritage sites and plonking bombs are their national pastime. Pakistan has shamelessly double-crossed it’s trusted friends.

It has unleashed death and mayhem on its neighbours through its proxies. Here again, Pakistan derives its strength and arrogance from its closeness to China, who has vowed to back Pak economically and strategically.

The Nuclear Nexus between Pakistan and North Korea is a established fact. Their proliferation of nuclear tech and missile tech has the tacit support of China. The Tri-Axis of China, Pak & Korea is ominous and is a threat to world peace.

The Al Qaida chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri warning on the eve of 9/11 anniversary that they will carry-out 1000 such attacks may not be a hollow threat.

The question that bothers ever peace loving citizen of the world is – are the nuclear weapons safe in these chaotic countries? What is stopping these weapons from falling in the hands of fanatical Terrorists?

The time of reckoning is upon the responsible countries of the world to root out terrorism and  punish those countries that harbor them. A cohesive strategy to eliminate weapons of mass destruction must be initiated before the Nuclear blackmail turns to reality.

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