April 24, 2019

Trump, Modi Haters and Right Wingers

We have seen it in India with NaMo and it’s happening in US with Donald Trump. Some people can’t digest defeat. As a growing child and till recently I thought burning of public property, targeting man in Uniform, etc are common to India, Pakistan and Nepal. But US is no different today.

As long as the voting process was not over it was fine to a large extent. But to have such ruckus on the day of his Oath Ceremony is shocking and it doesn’t stop there, it continues.

One area that has become topic of interest for all is the News Traders. Trump is going head on with them and the pain is felt in India. NaMo will surely deal with them one day. Knowing him he shall weave a web of legal process and make a water tight case and fix them once and for all. Hon. Supreme Court of India has already given the pointer. Between now and the time this doesn’t happen the Right Wingers need to have patience and consistently fight each day. Who knows which moment a twisted news might drop in.

UP elections are around the corner. I see all right wingers active on social media and fighting news traders 24 x 7. One area all RWs need to be vigilant is WhatsApp group. This is one platform that is actively used to defame NaMo. Weakness of the people is FORWARDS. No one wants to cross check and it’s like fastest finger first. BJP Social Media Cell should look into it and create a platform where such messages can be sent by RWs for verification and rebuttal. This has to be done ASAP.

I still remember lot of people had patted themselves sitting in Delhi for NaMO’s win. Where were these guys in Bihar election? Where are these guys now? They need to chip in on a daily basis on social media and not just appear to take credit. I treat such people no less than News Traders.PM Modi

News Traders in both countries are trying their best to paint a picture so that the elected Head of State fails. They want a blank cheque to defame anyone without any check. The balloon will burst one day. I only pray that a law is created ASAP to eliminate this mess. While POTUS has banned CNN in White House, time we have some strong action like IT raids against all who have princely life style and does not match with their income and ancestral property. HINDU bashing has to stop else the day is not far when HINDUS will be on roads, demanding action against the ones who want to dish out provoking news HEADLINES in print media, unnecessary debate to gain stupid TRPs, etc…… Friends in TAMIL NADU have shown the way (minus the ones who tried to hijack the protest later on).

emergency#NewsTraders need to be reminded about Indira’s Emergency days. Someone has rightly said “You were asked to bend and you crawled”.

Use FOE but if FOE is misused the repercussions shall not be good. From here on the going will be difficult. Elections will come and go. Media Watch Dog the term used by Shri Anil Kohli @anilkohli54  in his initial days on Twitter is present on Social Media. Millions of RWs have a vigilant eye on each of the #NewsTraders.

Grow up news traders, we are Right Wingers on SOCIAL MEDIA . We may have disagreement amongst us and we may question NaMOs decision at times. This is the strength. This is the way we live. This is the way we remain united. This is the way we keep exposing News Traders. This is the way NaMO loves us. Go break your head and find new formulas to get defeated 24 x 7.

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