April 19, 2019

Tussle for Supremacy, Terrorists with Pens V/S Keyboard Punching Warriors of Social Media

Naxals were famously called “Gandhians with guns” today we will look at another set of people

“Terrorists with Pens.”


We have seen these faces regularly every evening on some TV news channel or the other. They all sing a common song  titled”Secularism” these are the self professed Seculars in Indian Media. “isms” have always been an interesting subject to study.”secularism “ most of  us may understand, some of us may even turn to Google Uncle to find out about this “ism” but the question is who and how does one become “secular”  what is the definition of secular?


Definition of Secularism as per wiki  “ is the principle of the separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries.” This is a western concept and definition

Indian equvivalent of Secularism is “Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava is an Indian concept embodying the equality of all religions. The concept was embraced by Ramkrishna and Vivekanand as well as Gsandhiji. Although commonly thought to be among the ancient Hindu vedas, the phrase is actually attributed to Gandhi, having been used first in September 1930 in his communications to his followers to quell divisions that had begun to develop between Hindus and Muslims toward the end of the British Raj. The concept is one of the key tenets of Secularism in India , wherein there is not a separation of church and state, but an attempt by the state to embrace all religions.

Sarva dharma sama bhava has been rejected by some modern Hindus who claim that religious universalism has led to the loss of many of Hinduism’s rich traditions.

A person is born into one religion or the other  then how did these self professed one become secular?

What does this term signify? How is it different from those who claim to belong tone religion or the other?

Allow me to simply expose these self professed seculars. They have no clue about secularism, they mouth this word non stop  this is in practice a guise to cloak their pathological hatred for the majority community,

Further evidence of these secular jehadis is when the man who in public had claimed to be the senior most working editor, is infact a rumor monger of the highest order.



This man has been editing facts and replacing them with fiction at the behest of his political paymaster, nothing is ever done for free, sure they have all been rewarded suitably, how can we not recall the finest fiction penned by this secular jehadi? He claimed a coup d’etat attempt at the behest of the political paymaster who wished to tarnish the serving Chief of Army Staff.

Pliability of this brood is a known fact. They are the best spinners in business of news.

Social Media is their nemesis, have been exerting pressure on governments previous and current to get Social Media into a censorship regimen so that they are not challenged and exposed on a daily basis.

Their eloquent silence on exodus of Hindu families from Kairana reinforces their brand of secularism , as also their secular credentials.



Zee news video has been uploaded to expose this secular gang of media person who lack professional ethics.


This fascinating tussle for supremacy between the terrorists with Pens and keyboard punching warriors of Social Media is not going to end in hurry. Neither is willing to blink or concede.




Let me conclude, these  are sane words and a reality that cant be ignored.


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