April 21, 2019

Twisting The Narrative: Liberals Favorite Hit Job



If an economist PM, Manmohan Singh, issues statement favoring Muslims, its fair and non denigrating for the post but when a tea -seller PM speaks about  equal treatment of communities, hell breaks loose. A communal twist to the tale is quite expected from legion of liberal brigade. After all, it’s their “Wet Dream” to latch upon any quote to twist it to paint Modi with tarred brush.


1aquaOwaisi, Ghulam Nabi Azad and Abdullahs they have the exemption. They can mouth anything. As long as it favors Muslims, no one bats an eyelid because its falls within liberal scheme of things. Issues like Triple Talaq and Uniform Civil Code are sacrosanct. How could even Modi and his party even dare to voice their opinion about it? Even issues of Gender Equity are not spared. Why? Because it simply means an encroachment upon turf of “Seculars”.


 Politics in India has become a classic case of Contradiction. Parity has been pushed into bottomless pit. The Messiahs of Secularism are the ones who have done major disservice to Minorities. Minorities have been fooled on false grounds of fear and have been reduced to just “Vote Banks” so that they can be shepherded to vote for secular parties. With decades of appeasement of Minorities, their state continues to be same,in shambles. Why? Because no political party has bothered to empower them. Doles and Minority funds have just ghettoized them and kept them aloof from mainstream development. As long as retrogressive Triple Talaq is allowed to flourish in name of religion, empowerment will remain a wild goose.When individual liberties are throttled , how empowerment is possible.

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