May 24, 2019

Twitter Seva

The Discriminatory Indian Constitution has given a lot of freedom for improvement  of the lives of all citizens and to exist harmoniously under a discriminatory regime. Unlike the victimhood players among the Indians, the real discrimination by the State is towards the majority Community. The majority community in reality does not exist but the Indian State believes them to a collection of the various caste groups clubbed under the imposed identity called Hindus. No matter what, the pseudo identities have kept the rivalry among the various groups over the limited resources, but our Deva and Devis have kept us united and in rare ocassions aided by the intervention of some gurus. No matter how much the Indian Majority tries to get equality, the Indian state crushes this desire with laws and layers of governance to bring inequality.

In such a discriminatory regime, the BJP government under Modi came to power in 2014 with the slogan “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas” also claimed as “appeasement of none”. On the simpler of understanding of the slogans, it was assumed be the end of discriminations in most matters and yes the discrimination has in reality ended in matters where there was little possibility of discrimination. The gas cylinders, roads, electricity delivery had no discrimination in the sense of the constitution but in the Communist sense it was still possible. The poor who never got the benefits of gas, electricity, roads were now provided with the necessary resources but the government is yet to work its way around the real discrimination where it exists for the so called non-poor.

The non-Poor majority citizens of the India hoped for equal treatment by the state and got the new age Discrimination called Twitter Seva. This Seva started by many politicians, police and others is another layer of discrimination and is nothing more than lip service towards the appeasement of none. In a truly corporate style of Seva, every request needed to be referenced and every request should have the equal attention by the powers that handle the Seva center. But alas, the matter is completely different. Selective services are delivered to selective people and the selection of the candidates is an added layer of discrimination with no clear rules or guidelines for getting the Seva. People began to wonder how exactly the Twitter Seva or the Letter Reading works because of the non-transparent rules but which is in sync with the Discriminatory constitution.

The reason for calling the constitution as Discriminatory is obvious because the constitution Discriminates among the various sections of the society and the talk of equality is purely myth. The appeasement of none slogan by the BJP is nothing less than the talk of the same in the Discriminatory constitution. People hoped that the Twitter Seva might be a way by the BJP to deliver on its appeasement of none, but the bigotry of the Twitter Seva got exposed in the recent episode involving Madam Swaraj. A few years back, the same minister was hounded and trolled no end by the ones who are now weeping crocodile tears about the way the minister was trolled. The minister was hounded in some alleged distant connection with some deal with a corrupt business while in reality there was no illegal activity nor there was a connection. The alleged trolls whom the minister mocks have been defending her against the abusive media.

Today the matter has reversed. The reason being the Twitter Seva joke has exploded on the face of the minister and she is not able to handle the questions posed. This minister had no problem when abused and hounded for no fault of hers during the previous episode but when honest officer is hounded by her and questioned for the procedural lapses on her part, she is playing to the media gallery. The Twitter Seva was equally bad in the first place when there were no guidelines provided except for the whims and fancies of the various people. The media allegedly double crossed the minister and with no option to face the truth, victimhood is the last resort of some. Hence it is my firm opinion, that any Seva that the ministers want to deliver should be simple rule based with equal probability for all to get the service and it should not be on any whims and fancies.

The letter reading is another joke and I will not go into the details about it. It is time to end the Twitter Seva or put the guidelines so that everyone in need can get the Seva in the right way. But the followers of the book, in this case the Discriminatory Constitution cannot let go of playing god to a few.


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