January 20, 2019

Two Daughters

The picture of a inconsolable child saluting her martyred father was the most touching moment. The picture evoked strong emotions and sympathy for the girl across India.

Gurmehar, the very same girl has evoked mixed reactions with her tweet, wherein she is depicted holding a placard with an anti-ABVP message.

The daughter of the Martyr is a grown-up young lady now, an independent lady with the independence to speak her mind without fear or favour. But, was the tweet the creativity of an innocent mind airing it’s views or was it a POLLUTED mind that was unable to discern the TRUE intent behind the DU event.

What happened at RAMJAS was wrong but it was something that was waiting to happen. Wasn’t it what the organisers really wanted? Host an anti-national like Umer Khalid, raise anti-national slogans, instigate people and inevitably when violence erupts blame it on ABVP for vitiating campus atmosphere and call it a ‘cult of right wing intolerance’ .

If ‘Kashmir maange Aazadi’ isn’t an anti-National slogan, then what is ?

There are people who think that there is nothing wrong in such sloganeering, in fact JNU is a hotbed of people who think that free speech gives them the right to do anything, even partake in seditious activity. Is she also of that opinion?

1-5Her outburst against the ABVP could have been condoned  but, what compelled her to say, “Pakistan did not kill my father, WAR killed him” ?

Kashmir and Kargil War was not thrust upon India by Right Wing ideology, it was Pakistan and it’s insatiable thirst for blood that forced a war upon us. Sure,  War killed her Father but how could she forget that the war was the handiwork of Pakistan.

She is not a child not to realise the gravity of her activity, she is a mature young woman who has chosen to tread the path that her decorated Father would never have walked.

Would have appreciated it if her placard read …



Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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