April 20, 2019

Two states.. Nothing romantic about this Story..

The CM of Gujarat was at loggerheads with the Congress ruled central government for the best part of a decade.

The CM was accused of complicity in the Riots, encounter deaths and many such cases. Prosecutors and investigative agencies left no stone unturned in trying to indict him.
Abuse was heaped on him by all the opposition parties and every attempt was made to sully his image.

The then central govt neglected Gujarat, the Centre used the Governor’s office to try and corral the CM into subjugation. Every effort was made to deprive the state of funds for  development. It was Vendetta in its worst possible form.

Against all odds, Gujarat made considerable progress and has emerged on par with top states of our country.

Adverse conditions did not stop the CM & his Council of Ministers from addressing the issues of the state, overcoming them and delivering on electoral promises.

‘Gujarat Model was born’.

Now, let us ASSUME that a similar situation  prevails in Delhi i.e. a situation where the Central government is harassing the CM and his Party men, doing everything to disrupt the law and order, incite protests & ‘Bandhs’. The Central Govt is using the LG’s office to rule the state by proxy.

The CM is within his rights to voice his concern, to seek legal recourse, criticise the centre’s antipathy towards the state, fight his detractors, but, he has to do all of this without shirking his constitutional duties.

Delhi is different, the constitution vests far more powers with Lieutenant Governor than the elected government (the High court has upheld this recently), Instead of cribbing and crying about a known and unalterable law, the CM has to fulfill his mandated duties.
But shockingly, today the CM tweets that ‘he and his ministers are powerless , even to buy a pen’ – conveniently deflecting blame on the central govt through the office of LG.

The people of the state suffered under corrupt Congress rule, they reposed faith in a man who is the product of Anti-corruption movement, they believed he would deliver them from the abysmal neglect.

But his 2 years of rule has thrown up questions that need answers.

Is he really capable of bringing about transformational change that Delhi needs and deserves?
Will governance get a new buzz word – ‘The Delhi Model’ ? Ever?
Is he for ‘Delhi First’ or is he eying a greater role for himself on the national stage ( not to mention Punjab), if so, on the basis of what achievements?

Kejriwal has compelled us to compare him with Modi because he is the most vocal critic of MODI model of governance.

The comparison of the ‘TWO STATES’ clearly establishes an ‘absolute & undeniable fact’ that real governance and the right intention to govern can overcome any hurdle. Gujarat gained whereas Delhi is in the thoes of governance vacuum.

End word
‘Criticism without performance’ is the ‘Kejriwal model’.

‘Performance in the face of criticism’ is the ‘MODI model’.

Picture Credit:  www.darpanmagazine.com



Author Mr. Narasimhan OSL is a consultant for Auto-LPG based in Hyderabad. He has interest in  current affairs, likes to read a lot and write a bit. 

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