May 20, 2019

Ultra Feminists

For the last few days I have been missing a very special person, that person has a very special bond with my family. She is “rakhi sister” of my two sons. She recently got married and has been shifted to another country. I didn’t have any answer when my 10-year-old son asked who will tie us rakhis this year?

And then I see an article from our so called progressive liberal (mostly) feminists gang, and the gist of the article was “Raksha-Bandhan is Regressive”. Well, nothing new about this. I have been reading this for years and every single festival of hindus is regressive according to this super intelligent self-praising gang. Let’s focus on rakhi. What makes it regressive? Tying rakhi on brother’s wrist and his promise to protect his sister. Sometimes I feel it’s just the way we say it. When a sister tells her sister, “hey don’t worry, I am always there for you”, then everything sounds cool. When an elder sister assures her younger brother, “go ahead, I will take care of your problems”, all is fine with this.

Problem is, “how dare a brother can say this to his sister, it’s so against idea of feminism”.

I can not imagine a level of thinking you go deep in, I am not going into the history of this festival and you know that’s what is evolution. This is the evolution of our hindu dharma. We change with changing times. My brother never said he is going to protect me, he helped me growing into an independent woman. He is the one who feels proud on me more than I am proud of him. Does it sound regressive? My bhabhi is one of the best friends I ever had. Does it sound regressive? We don’t treat each other like, “being a woman”, or “being a man”. I remember as a kid I was trying to hammer a nail in the wall and I tried to throw tantrum and I yelled at my brother, “why do you want a girl to do this? girls are not supposed to do these jobs.” My brother gave me stern reply, “if you believe in equality then stop playing this girl-card”.

So that’s how it is. Liberal gang please stop bullying us for our festivals. We realised about pollution levels are going up so we reduced bursting crackers on Diwali. We have started playing dry holi to save water. Mind you, we didn’t crib rather felt proud of ourselves.

In the end, I would say two things. If you don’t understand the bond of a beautiful relation, please don’t try to understand more. And second stop using anything that “protects” like sunglasses or sunscreen (protects from harmful effects of sun rays), and yes, stay away from condoms as well (after all, it also protects).

Well, have fun cheer for Halloween night that is part of Indian festivals now, no matter it also has a mythological kind of story to back.

You know what, there is no use of wasting time on giving you gyan about “bonds”, “relationships”, “progressiveness of hindu dharma”, for you these are the words which have no meanings or some of your own interpretations. And now my sons are going to have a fun filled yet emotional Raksha-Bandhan on video calls. Ta-da. See you on Karwachauth  now.

Picture Credit: Rishabh’s Lens


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