May 24, 2019

Undue Criticism of MODI

Development is an incremental process , no Nation can afford to deviate from the development agenda for whatever reasons , a momentary pause means that the competition is getting ahead of you and it’s going to be a monumental task catching-up.

Great economies were wiped out as a consequence of the second world war . Japan , America & most of Europe including Germany set upon the task of rebuilding from scratch . The war did not reach the Indian mainland but nevertheless India was devastated , not by the War , but because the British stripped India bare and left a thoroughly emaciated Nation on its own to rebuild .

While the aforementioned Countries rose from the rubbles of destruction to reclaim their position as the World’s most advanced countries , India remains hanging between ‘Heaven & the Nether-World’ , why has the fate of ‘Trishanku’ befallen India ?

The rebuilding process started almost simultaneously . Nations like Japan , Germany , United Kingdom , France , Italy and many others including Russia trudged and toiled to rise to where they are today , infact China was a latecomer to the development race but has caught-up , while India remains bracketed with a Developing group of countries and the critical transition from developing to developed doesn’t seem to be happening any soon . What went wrong  ?

After vanquishing the Axis powers , the Allies were confronted with the growing influence of communism emanating from Russia . After Independence relieved to be rid of the British , Democratic India leaned markedly towards Soviet Russia , the dependence on the communist block inadvertently allowed a diluted form of communism to creep in . Democratic Socialism took root in India , thereafter , Nationalisation of private assets ,  creation state owned entities and various social engineering schemes ushered in an era of a confused democracy that seesawed between Capitalism and Socialism .

India pioneered Non-Aligned movement but the tilt towards the Russia led grouping was quite obvious , another classic case of confused governance in the field of diplomacy . The geopolitics of the region was a conundrum of sharp contrasts , India the largest Democracy was shunned by the democratic world but found acceptance in the communist world . Ironically , Pakistan – a Dictatorship , was embraced by Democratic America and it’s Allies .

Confused ideology , confused diplomacy , confused polity , literally confusion reigned supreme in the fledgling Democracy . Bogged down by socialistic influence in politics , weighed-down by caste and religious compulsions , pulled-back by wrong choice of development model , India’s growth story started off at a sluggish pace , later , with the stalwarts of Freedom struggle sidelined by Dynastic politics , India entered a phase where development as a National issue ceased to be relevant .

The game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ saw the World climb with alacrity the ladders of economic stability , technological superiority , social equality , learning excellence and defence preparedness , while India was gorged by the snakes of Subsidy , Reservation , pseudo-Secularism , Corruption etc., not because ‘The Roll of the Dice’ wasn’t in favour, but because the ‘Vice of the Politicians’ made them replace ‘India First’ with ‘Dynasty First’ , thereby derailing the India Growth Story permanently in their greed to cling to power at any cost .

‘Development’ as a single most important election plank made its first appearance during the 2014 general elections . For once the time tested formulas like Caste Appeasement , Minority Appeasement , Election sops, Poverty alleviation , Subsidy etc took a back seat because the pulse of India , with youth forming a huge chunk, was for ‘Change’ – Change from the above parochial subjects that like vanishing ink disappear from the manifestoes once elections are over .

Such systemic failures have cost India dear , the youth are jobless , farmers are in doldrums , basic amenities elude many household , healthcare in abject neglect , many go hungry , many shelterless . The woes are many , promises many, but solutions few .

India can only grudgingly laugh at the voices that criticise the present Government for all the ailment that ail the Nation . The Nation is sick because of decades of decadence heaped on it by earlier Governments .

Is three years enough to be judgemental ? Every citizen should ask this question whenever they hear talk of Growth , Employment , Corruption , Education , Healthcare , Poverty etc., from the Dynasty that rule India for decades .

Picture Credit: Bharatiya Janata Party


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