April 19, 2019

Unpardonable Crime 

Homicide – it can only be called that because callous negligence resulting in death of an innocent life amounts to murder.

BJP cannot distance itself from the death of 30 children, they may not be complicit per-se, but it’s their government that’s in power in Uttar Pradesh hence it’s their responsibility to ensure safety of every citizen. To hide behind a narrative those years of neglect under various governments is to blame for the tragedy is not acceptable – the government of the day is to blame, responsibilities have to be fixed and heads have to roll.

Social media is a hive of hornets. Some sting the Government, some the Opposition. The messages flying back and forth on the issue are a mishmash of fact and fiction, of lies and rumours, in a language bereft of civility, but that is to be expected in a country where FOE is alive and kicking.

But, it’s appalling when the Media starts a campaign of misrepresentation of facts. When they scream about dereliction of duty by the Doctors and Ministers, they should remember that they themselves are delinquent when they broadcast lies and rumours that only serve to inflame emotions. They have the right to question, and they have the right to debate but it is incumbent upon them to base what they broadcast on verified facts. But, they prefer to conduct media trail to vilify and defame people before facts emerge – a worrying trend.

Hospitals of India are either death traps or debt traps. The poor are forced to go to the Government hospitals that are a hub of heartless doctors, spurious drugs, defunct equipment, insensitive and corrupt staff and unhygienic environment – lucky are the ones that emerge healed, the unlucky end-up dead – ‘the unlucky outnumber the lucky ‘.

Patients that end-up in Private hospitals may well emerge healed, but the financial setback may burden them indefinitely, and times forever.

The tragedy is an eye opener, the Yogi Government in Uttar Pradesh, the Health Ministry at the Centre and the entire Health Department across India have to take a pledge that the sick will be respected and treated with compassion.

The Constitutional ‘Right to Health’ must become a reality and that can only happen when the entire Health sector is revamped. But before that

Humanness badly needs a revamp.


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