April 23, 2019

Un’TIED’ Opposition..

Post DeMonetisation, whenever MODI starts his speech by saying ‘MERE PYARE DESH VAASIYON’ he literally sends a chill through the spines of Black marketeers and hoarders. It’s also become the butt of many jokes doing the rounds on social circuit.

Hardships,  implementation bottlenecks & repeated rule changes non-withstanding, the scheme  received unprecedented support from the general public.
Fortunately, Supreme Court’s apprehension that riots may erupt did not come true. Also,the economy hasn’t nose dived as was purported by some doomsayers .

But, With just a day to go for the deadline to end, the support, patience and enthusiasm of the people has eroded considerably.

Confusion had given way to curiosity. One question is on the minds of everyone – Was the exercise worth the trouble?

The opposition bereft of issues to fight MODI for a better part of three years were subdued. Even the regional Satraps were forced to put their National ambitions on the back burner and stuck to safeguarding their bastions from a hegemonic MODI.

DeMonetisation was a bolt from the blue. Here was an opportunity that gave them a chance to become politically relevant again.

A united opposition was the need of the hour to counter MODI.
But rather than forming a cohesive and United front, the opposition parties in a melee to project themselves as MODI’s nemesis ended up jostling amongst themselves, squabbling away a golden opportunity to regain lost ground.

The congress party led by Rahul Gandhi despite its antics in the parliament (that put paid to the winter session) failed to assert itself to assume the role of a fountainhead of Opposition unity. They must be ruing bitterly a missed opportunity to corner MODI during the most vulnerable phase of his tenure. Rahul’s promised an earthquake but delivered a hopeless dud that only achieved to divert the attention from DeMonetisation and in the process he seriously lost a chance to emerge as a credible alternative to MODI. His silly acronym for PayTM – Pay to PM exposed his immaturity.

While Congress was dithering,  Trinamool Congress led by the fiery Mamata Banerjee stridently opposed DeMonetisation. She even cobbled up a group of parties that were opposed to Note-ban. Her vociferous opposition to MODI and his policies has not only grabbed the headlines, it also catapulted her into Central politics.
MamataDi has manoeuvred deftly into the driving seat leaving a confused Rahul in her wake.

Her acceptance as a credible counterweight to MODI is growing in the opposition block. Her acceptance by the minority vote-bank is a foregone conclusion ( Dhulagarh  clearly establishes a profound tilt towards minority appeasement , it’s a clarion call to the Muslims to align with her, which they would heed because Congress isn’t their Massiah anymore).

Whatever be the outcome of DeMonetisation in curbing Black money, the developments in the Opposition ranks was something that was being keenly watched by MODI.
He must be heaving a huge sigh of relief at the sight of a hopelessly divided opposition.

A emotive issue that impacted the daily lives of common people. An issue,  the implementation of which was clearly flawed. An issue that established beyond doubt that launderers were capable of laundering money at will. An issue that should have UNIFIED the opposition to UNITEDLY broadside the MODI government remains “Un’TIED” & HELPLESS.

Picture Credit: Business Line


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