January 22, 2019

UP UP and UP with Yogi in Uttar Pradesh

I remember once a journalist asking Rahul Dravid before the first test match in Australia. How do you see batting here after terrific performance in India. IMG_20170407_074313_567He said let my bat do the talking.

For all the opposition parties and helpless News Traders the scene in UP is changing fast. Their consistent ranting against Yogi as CM is slapped by Yogi’s proactive decision everyday. A CM has to know the need of the citizen in every nook and corner of the state. His latest plans on 6 AIIMS and 25 additional medical colleges is another step in that direction. What did SP and BSP do in their tenure? We don’t need answer.

imagesShirish-Kunder-tweetRight from the moment Yogi’s name was announced all anti BJP people got into action. Their FoE was short lived for two reasons. One he means business. He is working more than the expectation of the people and as if there is no tomorrow. Secondly, ones misusing FoE soon realised their is a limit to it.

Mohd. Kaif was dot on target and used his cricketing abilities to convey a crisp message.


kejri-1 mqdefault


Happy to see him doing exactly what Suresh Prabhu and Shusma Swaraj do with the tweets. Quick Action.





As UP develops keep yourself prepared for some stage managed news against Yogi. Yogi is under the magnifying glass of News Traders. Every move is monitored as if the capital of India has shifted to Lucknow. Anyway an agile CM is good news for citizens of UP and news traders are in Bad- LUCK- NOW (Lucknow).

Picture Credit: Screen shots from twitter. Thanks to all tweeples.  Sify.com



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