April 19, 2019

“UPA-nishads” – An Understanding Issue?

A non-serious, part-time politician and full time bohemian, who has his backpacks ready and starts globe-trotting whenever his party needs him, has alleged that BJP “understands only Nagpur” and it “does not understand India”. Well, he seems to understand Italy and Thailand better than India. Here, empowerment needs to be credited. Bangkok deserves to be hailed for making him realize the power of empowerment. Now who empowered him and in how many ways need not be discussed here!!. Dr. Stu (The Hangover II) ! Do not spill the beans here!!

He has started watching Tamil movies and likes them too. He did let his sister know about it. She likes them as well. I am wondering whether after Haryana, it will be Tamil Nadu’s turn to accede some land to “Son-in-law”. A “Two States” story which no one would like to see either on reel or off the screen. I am unsure whether Rajanikanth’s decision to join politics was the driving force behind Rahul’s sudden love for Tamil cinema. This leads to another interesting question. “How did he find the escape velocity of Jupiter?”. What else has he been watching? I hate rumor mills when they associate him with shows like “Chhota Bheem”. He is the real “Gangadhar” who aspired but never became “Shaktimaan”. Shaktimaan’s swirling action might be the reason behind his “escape velocity of Jupiter” theory. Mr Albert Einstein! You may squirm in your grave because Tamil cinema will give more bizarre ideas to his mind and his outbursts will shred theories of physics and gravity to pieces!! Ordinances have witnessed his wrath before.

He is reading Upanishads and Bhagvad Geeta to take on RSS and BJP. There is no harm in going back to ancient texts for wisdom but will he be able to comprehend these holy scriptures given his IQ level resonates with potato factories?

The only “UPA-nishad” he could understand is the one drafted by Queen Bee where heads bow down to her diktats and the coterie rules supreme. The “fountain of knowledge” flows from 10 Janpath for the sycophants and the queen keeps raising the “bar” of bondage.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter. NDTV


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