February 19, 2019


The namesakes prop up ‘THE Name’, in other words the Gandhi’s have invoked a Gandhi to up the stakes of the UpRashtrapati fight.

The opposition which was caught napping with the Presidential nomination were smart enough not to repeat the mistake , they thought , who better than the Great Grandson of the ‘Father of the Nation’ to be their candidate. So, Gopalkrishna Gandhi ended up with the unenviable job of a scapegoat from the opposition pen.

Although consensus is alien to the political class, the nomination of Gopalkrishna Gandhi put paid to even a remote chance of consensus because Gandhi’s political affiliations and actions can never endear him to the ruling combine and its allies.

BJP in turn popped up a name from down south , the veteran with a quick silver tongue, crisp one-liners and an even crisper dhoti is non other than ‘Venkaiah Naidu’ .

Amit Shah again has his calculus right. The southern states are now in his pocket. The rest who rallied behind Kovind are again expected to back Naidu. Nitish who is on the verge of booting out Lalu as alliance partner has no other option but to go with the Naidu, quid prō quō.

The gaggle of parties namely the TMC, DMK , the Left, NC etc that abhor the BJP are expected to back Gopalkrishna Gandhi – to fight a losing battle.

Meira Kumar and Gopalkrishna Gandhi are Political pawns, the roll of the dice may never see them win but they are game for a game because there political mentor’s want them to play the game.

Who will win is a foregone conclusion but those that lose find that with every passing day their political space shrinks. Dwindling numbers of the gaggle of opposition geese that made disruption their past-time may find the going tough. Reduced opposition domination and an indomitable Vice-President should ensure smooth functioning of the Upper House.

Humour that had disappeared may make a comeback under the witty ‘Venkaiah Naidu’ .

The exasperated look, the furrow of worry, the pencil as a wand, crisp tone and the French beard of Hamid Ansari will sorely be missed. 

Picture Credit: Twitter


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