April 23, 2019

Uttar Pradesh: Pre Alerts from July 2016

The news at present is not good news for BJP

Uttar Pradesh is an important state and sets the pace for any political party future. Keeping this simple fact that all are aware we took pro active approach on writing about UP, SP, Congress and Modiji. Unlike others we as a practice highlight the issue and also give solutions where ever possible.

Over the months a pattern has emerged within the supporters of Modiji. Some just can’t stand any form of criticism. This I see on the lines of supporters of AAP and Congress. Well FOE is for all and with that I shall continue to respect them and will not forget to use my FOE as well to highlight that the news for UP for BJP is not good.

All is not lost.

What is the solution?

For heaven sake stop balancing act and talk for HINDUS. Yes there are Election Commission guidelines. Within the ambit of those guidelines BJP will have to plan their Communication Strategy. 

Have compiled all articles and solutions on UP. We are seeing the drama unfold………….

Factors that will Decide UP and 2019 – Part 1

Factors that will Decide UP and 2019 – Part 2

Pellet Guns – No One Questions Man Mohan, Sonia and Omar

Separatist and their Well Wishers – Courier them to Pakistan

Grievance Management – PM and his Team (Part 1)

Grievance Management – PM and his Team (Part 2)

Is Modi Sarkaar Arrogant?

Is Development good enough to Win UP and 2019

Jai Shri Ram – UP Election (Part 1)

Jhansi, Bundelkhand, UP, Yadav’s and Politics

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