February 19, 2019

Vande Matram, Cow slaughter – Echoes of Muslim League and Partition

Of late Media has been full of debates and outrage on two issues (1) unwillingness of certain Muslim outfits, Muslims to sing/pay respect to Vandematram (2) outrage on Ban on cow slaughter.

Every hour shrill anchors Harangue those supporting singing and paying respect to Vandematram while those walking out during Vande Matram recitation citing it is unislamic are supported by the usual suspects like congressis, SP, Owassi, communists,BSP etc and ‘activists like John dayal , kavita krishnan etc. In this article I argue that the call to legitimise cow slaughter and allow disrespect to Vande Matram has its roots in partition movement and is dangerous for India’s sovereignty and unity.

Muslim league under Jinnah had put up 14 points on 28 march 1929 to safeguard Muslim interests in self governing India, which were called ridiculous by Nehru and Round table talks ensued-in 1938 Demands of Jinnah came to surface via Nehru’s letter to Jinnah . These are:

1) 14 points formulated by Muslim league in 1929
2) Congress should withdraw communal award and not describe it as a negation of Nationalism
3) Share of Muslims in state services should be fixed in constitution by statutory enactment
4) Muslim personal law and culture should be guaranteed by Statute
5) Congress should take in hand the agitation of Shahidganj Mosque to get it handed back to Muslims
6) Muslim’s right to call Azaan and perform their religious ceremonies should not be fettered in any way
7) MUSLIM should have right to perform Cow Slaughter
8) Muslim majorities in provinces where they exist should not be affected by territorial re distributions
9) Bande Matram song should be given up
10) Muslims want Urdu to be national language of India and statutory guarantees for safety of Urdu
11) Muslim representation in local bodies should be governed by communal award-I.e separate electorates and population strength
12) Tricolor should be changed or alternately Muslim league should be given equal Importance
13) Recognition of Muslim league as the final Authority of Indian Muslims
14) Coalition ministries should be Formed

By 1939 Muslim league had added one more demand -50% share in everything.

These Demands were rejected by the Congress as this demand would reduce Majority to minority. Finally Pakistan was created as a permanent settlement. But we find similar demands erupting now and then within independent India. Time and again political parties like SP,BSP, Congress propose reservation for Muslims which is not given in constitution. Time and again we find Muslim outfits opposing singing Jan Gan Man as it is in Sanskrit and they recognise only Urdu as Islamic.

In Kashmir we find Urdu is the state language and the points of Muslim league in respect to maintaining a second flag and Muslim Majority is being implemented vis Art 35A and Art 370. The opposition of Vande Matram and the recent controversies where Muslim corporators, MLAs, MPs walk out when Vande Matram is being played is an echo of Muslim league and should be opposed tooth and nail.

Similarly, the outrage against cow beef ban and ‘my freedom to eat cow beef’ should be seen in the light of the Muslim league Demands. In many debates we hear those supporting boycott of Vande Matram say that Netaji Subhas chandra Bose never accepted Vande Matram -well he had accepted Vandematram as song of INA and his radio station in Singapore often played it.

On many debates I hear that Rabindranath Tagore opposed Vandematram –well Tagore had sung Vande Matram in 1886 in Calcutta congress session. In many debates I hear Muslims and those opposing Vande Matram saying that they will sing Iqbal’s Sare jahan se Accha — one must not forget that Iqbal was the philosophical Father of Pakistan -he never followed what he wrote in the song Sare jahan se Accha-so how can we put Iqbal over Vande Matram? But due to its Appeasement politics Congress did not support Vande Matram as it should have, it even adopted  Sare jahan se Accha as an associate national anthem.

Every Indian should know on 24 jan 1950, Dr Rajendra Prasad accepted Jan Gan Man as National Anthem while giving equal status to national song Vande Matram
So, this boycott and opposition of Vande Matram is an insidious plot of anti nationals out to weaken India.

( sources–vijayvani.com, Pakistan or partition of India, BR ambedkar )

Author: Nidhi Bahuguna

Twitter: @vinirish

Picture Credit: SatyaVijayi


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