April 19, 2019

Vector Politics: Parasitism of AAP


Innovation is something which AAP knows quite well. Little did Mosquitoes know that they will be used as props for sagging fortunes of AAP. Scare mongering has been innovated at AAP’s Center of Excellence. Will people fall prey to parasitism  of AAP?. EVMs will have the answer.




35 psychiatrists at Yale declared Trump unfit to lead. I would request those 35 men to study the curious case of Arvind Kejriwal. He would make a better case study than Trump.

Health is a state subject and Kejriwal cannot abdicate his responsibility. His absence from state of Delhi on health grounds tells a tale about sorry state of public health facilities. Mohalla Clinic mirage is not going to get an traction. People are seething with anger due to erratic supply of water and power cuts. Shenanigans of Kejriwal will not help him in MCD elections. MCD elections are a litmus test for his government. A defeat would just reiterate the credibility crisis which has afflicted the party. They need a credible agenda to take on BJP. Blame game will not keep them in electoral game.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter PTI Zee and NDTV


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