April 20, 2019


Narendra Modi and his governments have been remarkably non-preachy in the last few months. He has been doing the tasks he has decided to complete before the election season beings. Also there were not many minorities affected due to the various events that happened in the country and the bleeding heart of Modi is happily beating for Vikas.

Calling Modi the leader of Vikastards would be injustice and also insulting because he has been doing something more. Modi has provided the best security to the Indians from external threats except for the rare Pakistani suicidal activities at the border. Suicide squads are difficult to handle and Modi had done all that he could and has been working hard to make the borders more secure. The large holes in the border have failed to stop the alien Rohingyas from reaching Kashmir. But since they belong to minorities Modi’s kind heart does not ache and they also seem to be part of “Saab ka Saath Saab ka Vikas”. If Modi actions can be doubted then Indian Muslim Fanatical leadership is more pathetic. Their hearts never bled for the Indians but only for aliens in Burma, Palestine. These religious bigots cannot speak a word against the activities happening in China nor will the world make a squeak. All this is unrelated to Modi’s work because this is part of top secret agenda and subjudice.

A stone thrown by a drunkard in some nondescript religious place of India and an American president lectured to us about tolerance. A few fake/real gau rakshaks killed some people; Modi gave lecture on how to do gau seva in the Vikas way. Now a thousand Hindus are jailed for being Hindu, there is no word from the leader of Vikastards. This is quite amazing way of leadership. It is not my matter how Modi behaves but it seemed to be that people have false expectations in the man they thought would be religious neutral in the real sense. What a big drama that been played on the Hindus of this nation!! The reason for calling “Hindus” is because here the term “Hindu” is used to identify the people who want the government to be religious neutral. All Indians irrespective of religious, except in some cases want roads, bulbs, gas, bank accounts, etc. Some want things only for themselves and demand a penalty tax from the government for belonging to special groups of the highly discriminatory constitution. Some religious groups are into blackmailing the government using foreign connections. But what Hindus are asking is for equality but it seems to be a big task.

The economy is being strengthened and there is no doubt it. The money circulation has not revived and people are still struggling to change their ways in the formalized economy. Such risks are taken by Modi for the betterment of the nation. The opposition has accepted GST and allowed it to become a law in the hope that it would drag the economy and Modi would lose elections. But people went through the pains with the belief in Modi alone and also in the hope of better days which seem to be coming slowly and steadily and there are no doubts about it. With such background and risk taking ability, does it make any sense that Modi cannot amend laws to bring equality to the Hindus? The only reason that Modi is not doing it is because he does not want to do it. If there is no intent of doing justice to Hinds, then there is no point of doing the cosmetic temple drama to appease the Vikastards. The Vikastards say that Modi does not want a law to be struck in parliament and hope that the society at large would believe their words as they think that they alone have knowledge of Modi’s intentions. In reality there are many laws that are struck in one house or another and it has happened during the Modi’s regime only. Why have some laws for equality not passed and there would be Silence of Vikas.

There seems to be a psychological barrier in the minds of the RSS about the degree of freedom that Hindu society should have in matters of running their affairs. May be the RSS people have doubts about the behaviour of Hindus if they get more freedom over their affairs. May be the BJP thinks that to get power they want some kind of vote bank which it can depend on and its method of building vote banks is really pathetic. The equality talk of BJP and RSS seem to speak is only superficial but in reality both these organizations want the culture and heritage of the nation to remain in tatters and the Hindus keep paying penalty for gaining freedom. The cowardice displayed in front of the arrogant judiciary does not induce confidence and the Vikastards saying that people can vote for others are only agents of Congressified Indians. Blocking of the feedback and saying only those words that the leaders want to hear are nothing but the ways of sycophants.

Hope the Vikastards and their Leaders realize the pain of the Hindus on the ground. If only Vikas votes are needed then what is the need of temple drama like all others do. Modi should decide if he stands for Vikas or Hindus because the Vikastards have been making a case that “Hindu” of this article is anti-Vikas while the “Hindus” defined in this article want equality in the real sense. Most of “Hindu” votes will come to BJP except in exceptional circumstances but the so called Vikas votes are doubtful if better goodies are promised by other parties. It is only a matter of time before the BJP, RSS and their leadership has to sit together and decide their stand on several issues. Being ambiguous would not make any sense because all others are making their stand clear one way or other and gaining strength. It would be unbecoming of Hindus to have false expectations and be unprepared when the push comes to shove. It is already happening and slowly we would be digested into the constitution because of undecided leadership. Vikastards  are delaying the transformation of the organization. Using tapasya for simple issues is bad but not using Tapasya for Dharma is a curse.

One last point, those who seek equality are considered to a very small number, then does it not mandate a large organization of Vikastards that the minorities too matter in the “Sab ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas”, I want “Sab ko Samantha, Sab ka Saath, Saab ka Vikas”.


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