May 23, 2019

Vipassana and Art of Escapism

Whenever things go awry, he heads for Naturopathy. Now when Delhi has a deluge of problems, waterlogging, power cuts and spread of waterborne diseases, he starts an odyssey to Dharamsala leaving the city in a mess. Kejriwal has mastered the art of running away from duty when his presence is needed most. Would Vipassana help him detoxify his thought process?  No prizes for guessing. His attacks on Modi would be more acerbic and it’s normal to expect him spew more venom.

Members of Parliament have written to Speaker to send Bhagwant Mann to rehab. Yugpurush needs rehab more than Mann. I am no expert on merits of Vipassana. Pardon my ignorance but I strongly believe people like Yugpurush who have swept sanity away with AAP’s broom need to give it a thought.

To be fair to Yugpurush, too much Dalit tourism does take a toll on body and mind. A trip to Dharamsala is much needed.

Picture Courtesy : The Unreal Times

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