March 22, 2019

Vote for the Best Candidate – Not any Party….

It is said that – “Bad politicians fool voters by telling them lies, Good politicians fool voters by telling them the truth; and astute politicians fool voters by avoiding the facts”…

As we Voters of Mumbai will be casting our vote  – let us consider the facts before us:

1) This election has nothing to do with the development of the Nation or of the State of Maharashtra (as the BJP is trying to convince us); nor has it got anything to do with Hindutva or Marathi pride (as the Shiv Sena is stating repeatedly). This election is about gaining control of the second richest treasury of Hindustan, valued at Rupees 32,000 – 35,000 Crores on average – (approx: US$ 5,147 million).

2) Every contesting candidate has only one agenda in mind – to win the lottery called “Elected Corporator” and reap the benefits in form of salary, free benefits, new car, and a discretionary budget of 1.6 Crore per year for Ward development – YES – One Hundred and Sixty Lakh Rupees per year for Five years (1.6 X 5 = 8 CR), most of which will be used for the corporator’s self development. And this is just that person’s official fund for looting. Add to this the kick-backs and bribes from contractors, builders and other assorted businesses like liquor bars, dance bars, gambling dens (now called as video parlors) and prostitution – and each corporator’s annual income touches Ten Crores per year. This is just one part of their income.

3) The second part comes from us, those who shop from the carts and stalls on the foot-paths. The politicians will tell us that encroachment by illegal hawkers is a social evil that they are trying to fight on daily basis. That’s a blatant lie. Every stall, every cart on the footpath and those that encroach on the roads is owned by politicians from across every political party, by Police officers, Bureaucrats, and sundry associates of these people. People who come from all parts of India to run these stalls are not the owners. They are slaves that work for the above mentioned groups of people. And these slaves are not paid. They have to pay their master’s on a daily basis first and then keep whatever they earn. Of course, no money reaches the Mumbai city treasury, the State treasury or the National treasury. Click here for details of how illegal hawkers run a parallel economy that loots our own city.

4) None of the Candidates will mention the real problems of the city of Mumbai. They won’t talk about clearing the foot-paths for walking (reasons as stated above), or about improvement of roads (since tough laws have made corruption difficult, but not impossible – they prefer not to spend money), or about garbage disposal (even though the latest technology of garbage – to – energy is available) since they do not benefit personally. The elected corporator has a One-Point Agenda of personal benefit and will ignore everything else as much as possible.


(A) DO cast your vote in the Elections. Each and every vote matters.

(B) VOTE for the Best Candidate – regardless of the Party. Give full consideration to Independent candidates.

(C) AVOID casting your vote for NOTA (None-of-the-Above). You will only waste your Vote and your opinion will go to the dustbin. VOTE for a candidate – the best of the worse if needed – But do VOTE.

Jai Hind – Jai  Maharshtra .

Dated: 20 February 2017

Article by: ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar

Twitter: @sanjaymatkar

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