April 20, 2019

#VotebankBandi : Will It End Identity Politics?

Apex court ruled that seeking votes on grounds of religion, caste and creed is illegal. For more than six decades, identity politics has thrived and vote banks have been cultivated for personal gains by political parties.

The Supreme Court ruling is a welcome move butIMG_20161127_093451 implementation will be the key. Mayawati released list of BSP candidates for UP assembly elections and urged Muslims to not waste their vote on SP. Should she be not disenfranchised for blatantly flouting Supreme Court order? If Bal Thackeray could be banned for his inflammatory speeches, Mayawati should be banned too for admonishing Muslims whom to vote.

owaisiOwaisi is another politician who should be shown his place. Self-proclaimed champion of Dalits, Kejriwal, has announced that Deputy CM of Punjab will be a Dalit. Shameless appeasement of Dalits for votes. Supreme court should take cognizance of these political miscreants and hard treatment should be meted out to them.


Elections are hardly fought on development and issues of governance. It’s time Election Commission comes down heavily on those violating apex court order and penalize them. Owaisi, Abu Azmi, Azam Khan and Kejriwal, its time for them to watch what they speak.

Unless Hon. Supreme Court of India and Election Commission pulls up the political parties and their leaders for violation, nothing will change. Latest case in point is of Behenji invoking Muslims votes. Nation awaits action.

Picture Credit: Screenshots from Twitter and WhatsApp


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