July 18, 2018

#VoteForCleanDelhi: The Delhi Mission


Kumar Vishvas has invoked Bhagvat Geeta to urge Delhi voters to exercise their franchise. It’s quite ironical that it was AAP supremo Kejriwal who refused to accept Bhagvat Geeta as gift. Is Kumar fomenting a rebellion? AAP’s internal lokpal will find out post civic polls.



IMG-20170423-WA0034For the first time civic elections will have a national impact. Delhi municipal elections have a four cornered fight and Swaraj Abhiyaan may play a crucial role in sabotaging AAP’s chances. Congress is optimistic about a comeback while AAP is looking for resurrection. The party which wanted referendum for Delhi’s full statehood is staring at worst credibility crisis and these polls would be referendum on their non existent governance.


A party is a reflection of the leader it chooses. This explains the crisis which parties like AAP and Congress are facing. With a defunct leadership, electoral battles are turning out to be survival slugfest.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, ANI



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