May 21, 2019

voulantry service from Public is the birthright BJP


General elections 2014 were very different from all the earlier ones. The seeds of results obtained in this edition were sowed way back in 2006/2007. The constant targeting of Chief Minister of Gujarat, by the Union Government , congress party, Media, NGO and any other who desired a financial windfall had to enlist self with Congress party.

Appointment of UC Bannerji commission by the then Railway Minister finding of this Commission did not come as a surprise to any one of us, Isharat Jehan case, then came the case against Mr. Amit Shah (Sorabuddin case), the politics around this case are still playing out. Despite court verdict.

Human instinct is to support the underdog, Public always wants the oppressed to win, this has been ingrained in to our Psyche,

We have been fed many such fables since our childhood.

This was a classic case of a bully(Congress Party) picking on a

Lesser powerful individual(Chief Minister of Gujarat), his performance in office was way above anything that we in India had witnessed from any Chief Minister.

The scales were completed tilted in favour of  Chief Minister of Gujarat post the speech on 31st May 2007 by Sonia Gandhi when she employed the term Maut Ka Saudagar.

Public can be unforgiving and ruthless when it wants.

The tone of campaign for 2014 had been set on this day. Then came all the corruption scandals under Sonia lead UPA. Public support for CM of Gujarat now started to transform into support for BJP. The results of Gen Elections 2014 were a foregone conclusion.

Yes the public support and effort was on voluntary basis.

This has made BJP to take Public for granted, BJP needs to wake up and smell the coffee. There are no free lunches available, everything has a cost , which need to be paid.

If BJP is banking on Public support on the similar lines as 2014, it’s in for a very rude shock, Public is unwilling to oblige.

Perhaps It’s time to remind BJP of the Idiom “You fool me once Shame on you. You fool me twice shame on me.”  In other terms, Public support  on voluntary basis is not going to be forth coming for 2019 General elections.

Doubt it very much even the andh Bhakts in large numbers would go out of their way to campaign on voluntary basis. this time round.

Results of the Assembly elections in four states,  the Panic buttons are going to be pressed, alarms will be ringing very loudly, regardless of the outcome of these assembly elections. Support which

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