March 22, 2019

VVIP by Birth

Government decision to withdraw use of beacon light from May 1, 2017  is an excellent move.

We have two type of VVIPs in the society. One is found in dynasty and other one are first generation politician and business class. Both wants to throw around weight using the beacon. The story doesn’t end here. It goes deep down. Entire family takes advantage, then the driver, maid and even the neighbours. Every one throws around the weight.

Yesterday our PM while interacting with the civil services officers expressed the need and concerns on the same. While heirarchy has to be respected, people placed on responsible position needs to understand the respect given to them should be not out of compulsion but out of good feeling by one or more individual.

People want to flaunt their designation by putting various symbols and plates on the front and rear of the vehicles. A detailed article by Money Life gives insight and should be taken up by the current CM and the PM to further trim the left over of VVIP culture good for nothing at the expense of tax payer money.

The same can be seen in housing societies as well. The Chairman and Secretary in most housing society start behaving as Union Cabinet Ministers. There are funny cases where their spouse call for meeting to discuss the cultural functions without involving the owners of the housing society. It is nothing but lust for power and get forcibly respected.  Typical case of kettle is hotter than the tea.

I have experienced this high handedness in schools where even the person on cash counter behaves much bigger than the Principal.

The only way this can be changed is by legally fighting the system. Government can form guidelines but implementation is the department responsibility. We as common man keep blaming the system. Are we not part of the system? When we are down with some disease, do we ignore? We go to best of the doctor at disposal. Next time when you see something that doesn’t allow you to sleep peacefully and remains fresh in the morning. It’s high time to treat it personally. Roping in the highest like CM or even PM is fine but the follow up is what that counts at the end of the day. Chalta hai attitude should not be accepted. We are treated by all such people because we choose to surrender. People mock at you for raising voice and celebrate success of illegal work. Gandhigiri is not something to be enjoyed by seeing Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi film but by practicing it. Let us show all undeserving people their right place by taking up issues and not giving it up till logical result achieved. I am fighting few such cases and share when justice is done.

Link Credit:Money Life Magazine and author

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter Zee News


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