March 18, 2019

Wake Up Simple Simon. Fiction can’t deliver What Facts Do!

In 2005, Narendra Modi, leader of India’s nationalist Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) and then chief minister of Gujarat, applied for a US visa. His request was turned down. Modi, notorious for his failure to halt Hindu riots in 2002 that killed about 1,000 Muslims and destroyed livelihoods and homes in Gujarat, was not welcome.

How times change. Next week, Modi – now India’s prime minister – will be feted at the White House by Barack Obama during a two-day official visit to Washington. He has also been invited to address a joint session of Congress, a sign of high favour, and will meet business leaders and CEOs.

Modi has never apologised nor expressed remorse for the Gujarat killings, nor did his state administration investigate them. That was left to others. On Thursday, one of several inquiries finally came to an end when a court found 24 people guilty in one of the worst single 2002 incidents: the hacking to death and burning of 69 Muslims in Ahmedabad. By Simon Tisdall in The Guardian for lunatics on 02nd june2016


“Elementary my dear Simon Tisdall  as Mr Sherlock Holmes would have responded to lack of research & evidence that has hamstrung his piece in The Guardian which is nothing better than garbage and will automatically end up there. Rebuttal on each & every point is feasible but not desirable that would be endowing this nonsense respect instead of ridicule that it deserves. Wake Up simple Simon Tisdall. This world is very different than you would want us to believe.”

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