February 18, 2019

War and Peace : The Enemy Within


A nation retaliates in defense when a rogue nation attacks. This cannot be boxed into war mongering. A nation is free to defend its soil to ensure peace and sense of security for its citizens. Soldiers attain martyrdom. The current #GurmeharCrap is nothing but dirty foreplay done by liberals and media.


Elitists are defining dissent and trolling. Right to dissent lies solely with elitists. Commoners are the outliers and are conveniently branded as trolls.


When people like Javed Akhtar, Barkha Dutt, Rana Ayub and Kejriwal speak in the same vein, its clear which agenda they are propagating.






This disturbing trend of discrete dissent is unhealthy. Seminar on Triple Talaq is out of scope for Freedom of Expression champions.







The rogue elements within the country are far more dangerous than enemy across the border. These Aman Ki Aasha creatures feed off centers of academic excellence only to destruct it from within.


The left – liberal mafia has twisted Freedom of Speech to monopoly of speech so that they can decide who gets the right to dissent. Javed Akhtar has bestowed upon himself the charge of carrying the legacy of monopoly of speech. He has the poetic license!








Bollywood is living in a bubble much like their western counterparts.


Seculars are just doing soul scavenging to ensure their survival. Gurmehar is just a pawn in the game.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter


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