April 23, 2019

War of Apps: Technological Illiteracy and Congress- Mukt AppStore

Brian Acton, co-founder of Whatsapp (now owned by Facebook), started #DeleteFacebook in the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica scandal. Acton found support in Elon Musk who took down Tesla and SpaceX Facebook pages. Rahul Gandhi gave a clarion call to delete NaMo App but ended up getting the official app of his party deleted from Google Play Store. Congress Mukt AppStore became a reality. A brilliant self – goal. NaMo app downloads have hit an all-time high.This explains why Rahul is popular cutting across party lines. Congress supporters are under the impression that official app is undergoing MRI scan and when MRI machines get connected, the app will be launched from 10 Janpath Store.

As soon as Congress party’s official app was deleted, party’s first line of defense – Lutyens media, sprang into action discrediting Google Play Store. A classic diversionary tactic makes a technologically challenged leader look intelligent.

Data collected by INC official app was routed to servers in Singapore (not Italy) baffling many supporters of the party. Their delusion is palpable. Abhishesk Manu Singhvi, famous for “termite ate my vouchers” theory to avoid taxation, put up a brave argument stating that Congress party members did not want to run the app. Concocting weird and bizarre arguments have been his forte.A majority of Rahul Gandhi’s followers are in Russia and Kazakhstan (bots must be crazy). INC’s official app did not support foreign languages so taking down the app made sense.


It’s business as usual at Congress headquarters. A new avatar app is alive and kicking(in stealth mode). Rules of the game will no longer be the same.  EVMs will be made hack proof by apps like “Chhota Bheem Club” so that NaMo App cannot connect to EVMs.

There is another app which is in cross hairs of the current turmoil – Siddarmaiah app. The fun has just begun.


Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter


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