April 24, 2019

Warriors of God – Sacred or Scared

First we have to accept that there is a class of humans living among us who does not think twice before killing fellow citizens in the name of God. Also there are also a lot of other humans who kill fellow humans over a variety of reasons and not necessarily in the name of God. This basic distinction is needed before we realize the true status of the Warriors of God.

The reason for one human killing other is most likely not for food as it happens in the case of animal kingdom where one species of animal kills another mostly for food. The killings happen mainly due to our inability to solve the differences and have been taking a shortcut to solution people of removing the differences by the physical elimination of the different.

Generally speaking people need God to find peace and for introspection. Also the God is needed as a reference for better behavior. But the concept of God has been turned upside down by those people who cannot stand the differences. New Gods are created and older ones reformed where in the Gods seek the elimination of the different to bring peace to everyone and to provide guidance.

This God must be a Scared as hell because the one who has been the reason for the infinite differences has given a mandate to some to eliminate the differences. This Scared has been made the most Sacred by his followers and have taken upon the task of eliminating the different using all means possible forgetting the basic nature of humans. The switch of finding peace has been slowly short circuited by the mental conditioning and the Sacred God has been turned into a super Sacred God.

The killers of humans have been glorified as Warriors of God and these warriors proudly declare their true identity. Among the various warriors of Gods two different types exist – those who seek the blessings of God to kill the different and those who kill the different to seek the blessings of God. While the former are for peace who work to sort the differences in a peaceful manner and the later ones are for peace who work to sort out the different to eliminate. The Warriors of Gods title would fit only to those who kill the different.

The Warriors of God exist and there is no hiding from them as they are getting more powerful with each passing day.  If not today, sometime in the near future they will come to each and every one of us because we are all different. The one thing we know that the Warriors cannot live by themselves and the eco system that is nurturing these Warriors has to be understood. What happens if the Warrior fails and what happen to his life and if he is getting respected or hated by his ecosystem?

35FC10CC00000578-3675927-Stone_pelters_Cases_dropped-a-28_1467764737768 (1)If we go by the public treatment to the Warriors of Gods then we can be sure that they are highly respected by every member of the ecosystem. The youth are mesmerized by their glorious killing activities and more numbers are continuously working hard to get that exalted status. The deaths are celebrated by the ecosystem in a festive mood which gives more inspiration to create even more Warriors of Gods.

These Warriors for the ecosystem are Sacred Warriors of Gods. But a look from the other side will tell the true picture. The warrior is great if he does a face to face fight with his opponent in most of the known worlds. But the creative genius that we have become has resulted in the perfection of the art of killing fellow humans in absolute stealth. Maya yuddham, has been perfected by us and today the Warriors Hide behind several layers of society and continue their killing activities.

Those who cannot decode this maya yuddham may call the Warriors of Gods as Scared or cowards but the tactics of war have changed. The Warriors of Gods have fighting a war with new rules while the defenders of humans are still playing with the same old rules. The ecosystem of warriors is proud of the results and is going out of their way to support while the defenders of the different are staring at the emptiness not knowing how far the path is empty and there is no guarantee of anything.

Maya Yuddham it will remain and there is no point in name calling the Warriors of Gods as Sacred because if they who have set the rules of game. Time for the defenders of different to realize and learn ways of defense or shall we call it offensive defense.

Picture Credit: Zee News Screenshot from Twitter


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