April 24, 2019

Water Wars..

Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Rajendra Singh, known as the ‘Water Man of India’ as a part of his ‘World Water Peace Walk’ initiative had talked about future wars being fought for WATER. HE was referring to the global scenario.

Nearer home we have a mini water war underway between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This is an annual affair. Every passing year the need for water keeps increasing and with it the mutual animosity increases manifold.

This year it’s no different, the Karnataka farmers are up in arms and their concerns are genuine. Likewise, the concerns of the TN farmers are also genuine. It is the duty of the political parties to play a responsible role and placate the concerned parties. But, what happens is, all and sundry from the politicians to the goons go about instigating the citizens of their respective states and conflagrate the issue.

The irresponsible media adds fuel to the fire by blowing up a stray incident. The debates on TV provide a platform to hardcore elements (who are sought after for TRP) to rave & rant which further sows seeds of misunderstanding which leads to violence and unrest.

Social media is another such platform which spreads the virus of misgivings and mistrust with its viral videos and photos posted by zealous netizens who in their zeal to share breaking events forget that they cause more harm than good.

The Supreme Judicial authority of the nation has given a directive and that needs to be respected and adhered to by not just the two state governments, but also the aggrieved farmers and citizens.
Let us stop being judgemental and start respecting the judiciary.

Free speech is our right, provided the intention behind what is spoken is GOOD. It’s never late to make a beginning, let’s douse the fire of hatred, after all were are siblings of one mother- MOTHER INDIA.

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