May 20, 2019

We can make the Difference – #KHADI2000

#DividedbyLanguagesUnitedbyKhadi is gaining momentum on social media. Thanks to active citizens for putting faith in what we are doing through our Trust – 1 Ka Dum Foundation. As part of the awareness drive we are in the process of rolling out few more initiatives. We are fortunate that each of them are well received by citizens on social media and taken to next level.

Second initiative is #QuestionforToday The idea behind this is to spread awareness with basic content on KHADI. The amount of content available is phenomenal and difficult to compress and disseminate. One question a day is the simplest form to share and help understand KHADI,without overloading or making it into a cumbersome academic exercise.

Awareness is important, sales is the outcome of this awareness, our initiative towards awareness is important and it should compliment efforts of the government at centre and state. One time sales on October 2, January 26 and August 15 is not good. Consistent sales and repeat orders are key to success. With this need in mind we have rolled out a third hashtag #KHADI2000

Why #KHADI2000 ?

We all have some hobbies and passions. We spend large sums as individual and as a family on these. We have taken just one as a basis. i.e. passion to watch films. Advance booking of Dangal had gone as high as INR 850 per ticket and we know the box office collection. Advance booking of Rajnikant Kabali early morning show were INR 600 per ticket. And now Bahubali 2 in third week has Rs 1500 crores collection. Out of this US$40 million. Apart from Bollywood, regional film industry has superb contribution. On an average a family of four spends anything in the range of INR 1500 to INR 2000 per film viewing in a multiplex. This includes cost of ticket and fast food etc. And they watch at least 5 films per annum. This takes the pocket spend to INR 10,000 per annum. And not to forget recent live concert of Justin Bieber in Mumbai. Ticket cost were from INR 4000 to INR 76,000 and the show was packed.

Our target is to touch base with just 2 crores film buff. This doesn’t mean that we are ignoring the rest. It is a TG thatNaMO we wish to target as we know that they would spend for sure. Remaining can be enrolled by engaging industry big wigs. They can urge their employees, followers and fans to wear KHADI once a week to office. They need to become trendsetter. Yesterday Raymond has announced their KHADI range of apparels in Mumbai. A lot is in store and the scope is wide enough.

modi_khadiJust an appeal by our PM in Oct 2014 in one of his Mann Ki Baat lead to an increase of 60% sales of Khadi products. He speaks about 1 step by each Indian can take the Nation 125 crores steps ahead. We are targeting just 2 crores for now.

Imagine 2 crores x INR 2000 per annum. I leave the sum total for you to calculate. There are many initiatives being taken by KVIC. In our meeting with Shri Vinai Saxena – Chairman KVIC he spoke about how the process for various schemes and approvals has been brought down to flat 45 days. Earlier it used to take months. Ministry of MSME and KVIC are working aggressively 360 degrees. Be it corporate or common people to adopt various schemes to enhance employment.

Encourage and motivate by sharing the receipt on your social media page. A study on Brand promotion suggests that a Brand gets well accepted if recommended by friends. Our PM can’t repeat his request. Let us share #KHADI2000 with the receipt to help recall our duty for the Nation, our duty to take KHADI industry to pinnacle.

From INR 1510 cr in 2015-16 to INR 2005 cr in 2016-17. The sales of Khadi products are now estimated to cross INR 5000 crore in 2018-19 according to KVIC.

#KHADI2000 can change the entire dynamics. Once again I urge just 2 crore citizens need to come forward and ensure INR 2000 worth of purchase per annum. Come, be a part of the Revolution in the making.

Together We can make the Difference – #KHADI2000

Picture Credit: YouTube Twicial TOI i Wear Khadi



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