April 21, 2019

Weekly RoundUp

Karnataka is witness to some tear jerking drama. The CM is projecting himself as the victim of circumstances while the case is not what it appears. HDK knowing fully well the capabilities of the Congress entered into an alliance with the Congress to rule the Karnataka. Here the capabilities mean turning the state into the ATM until 2019. This statement is being used because the pidis of the congress themselves have been saying these sacred words. The alliance of Congress and JDS is not new because they have been messing up the state capital from a long time and the people are not yet tired of their antics. The alliance shall continue until the coffers are full and the state goes to further ruin with occasional blessing of a few developmental activities.

Maharashtra government had a dinosaur egg on its face because without studying the case details they landed in the courts. The evil of RTE is so pure that it kills the goodness that might exist in the non-minority schools. The bill basically paints the non-minority run schools as demons extracting money from the state and the law make these demons pay for their sins by allowing some poor students. The explanation might be crude but in a discriminatory regime with unequal laws, there is no better way to tell things. The government at best can make an omelet out of the egg and serve it to other states who at one point in time or the other shall face the same fate because the courts are only driving the discriminatory regime to its limits.

Kerala CM seems to have got out of his hibernation when one of his comrades has been sacrificed at the altar of secularism. This might not be entirely true because the CM who did not bat a eyelid not took any kind of serious action to curb the communist violence, seem to have woken to the dangers of radical organizations. But nothing much shall happen because nobody wants to take on the radical organizations be it Islamic or Christian. Talking about Christian organizations, we have recently heard the institution becoming a breeding ground for rapes, child selling businesses, molestations etc. The two radical religions seem to be on a competing mode not only in Kerala but all over the country. More cases are getting exposed and hope the fundamentalist mindset of the two religions shall change.

Sermonizer-In-Chief (SIC) has again taken it upon himself to talk about the welfare of women of a special community. SIC has not questioned the recent murders being reported about men with fake identities murdering or attacking women of the weakest community. It is becoming increasingly clear that the SIC has more hopes that the women of the super special community voting to him but not the voters of the weakest community. One has to wonder how much sermons the people can handle.

The Delhi CM continues to do his work in the most honest fashion. Yes this is difficult to believe but it is true. When no work happens, there can be no chance of anything going wrong. The future Delhi PM aspirant CM of Bengal continues on her appeasement drive and has surpassed all the yogic postures by bending in front of the minorities to such a level people being to worry if there is any spine.  The political killings continue but there seem to no action on the ground because the votes matter.

The biggest news of the past few days is the continued jolly going attitude of the Black Coats who seem to continue to give lectures to the people of India. In Maharashtra they give lecture on secularism in relation to temple but not to educational institutes. The Judges are mingling with corrupt in public view to keep the matters very transparent and the hundreds of cases just seem to have to wait. Waiting is one thing has become constant in the courts.

The best u-turn on the recent times is by the brain fried TamilanDa pooralis. The people who have protested against a factory with the government permission are now jobless and have realized the real face of the provocateurs. The white frocks have disappeared and so have the black shirts of various hues. The naxals too have disappeared after creating violence and the jobless people are hoping that the factory reopens. The proud pooralis seem to have a blind belief in frocks and not the reality. The brain fried people should clear their minds about the reality and not simply get into the activist mode. The police should hope that they will be cleared of all cases and continue a better job of protecting their lives and the lives of the people they are supported to protect.

In the midst of all this drama some things being cheer to Indians, the achievements: HIMA DAS

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