May 24, 2019

West Bengal & Kerala: When will Central Govt. take Action?

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Our PM Shri Modi has conviction in what he says and he does it. Being a human he is bound to make mistakes. His idea of Reform Perform and Transform is applicable to states and UT who are interested to do the same. You can take a horse to the pond but can’t it drink (pun intended).

Can he do anything to West Bengal with this idea?

An idea is of value if someone wants to use it with conviction and willing to be accountable. West Bengal and Kerala are two states where this is not possible. In terms of patience the central government has crossed all limits and now it’s time for action. As a political out fit also BJP has exhausted all possible means (Bandh, press conference, interviews, releasing book, etc) to bring in law and order in both the states.

UP had similar problems. Somehow BJP dragged and won the elections. We have no clue what is it that BJP and the central government have in mind. If they feel that they should drag till the state elections then they are not doing justice to the HINDUS who have voted for them. If they have any other plan then it should be seen in action and so assuring that the CM’s of both the states personally change their stand and enforce law and order.

The nation may look at President’s Rule as one of the option but it is up to the central government to intervene with iron fist and nothing less than that.

Ex PM Man Mohan Singh once said Muslims have first right to natural resources. It was taken with a pinch of salt by Hindus as UPA 1 and 2 were hell bent to compel Hindus to accept whatever was given as KHAIRAT. Thanks to BJP and Dr Swamy to block Communal Violence Bill.

As PM Shri Modi is duty bound to talk good about MK Gandhi and Nehru but as citizens we are not. Few years back a RTI by a college student has cleared that FATHER of Nation is not official title. Congress sold this to gullible citizens with icing of CHACHA Nehru. Both have left behind history of Muslim appeasement. Why should we as voters carry that baggage.

Back to the serious issue of West Bengal. Central government has to show the same resolve that it has shown now in KASHMIR with regard to the terrorist. Though they are yet to give the much desired treatment that an ANTI National deserves to the separatists.

A small crime is ignored by Muslim community for the sake of Secularism. These were not stopped and now they can’t be blamed. It is the state government to be blamed. And if the central government doesn’t take proactive and examplary action then they too are equal partners in the crime.

Screenshot_2016-11-28-10-35-58 (2)Maulana who spoke ill of PM Modi and wanted to kill him shares the dias with serving CM. While a minor is arrested for posting content on facebook. Another Imam has threatened Hon. Delhi High Court of dire consequences if arrested. By showing restraint beyond a point central government is converting a small spark into a wild forest fire. Nip the problem in the bud. Every law abiding life is important and precious.

Malda, Dhulagarh and now Basirhat. Is BJP waiting to define a new definition of Being Patient? Some may have problem reading but reality is the Central government is equally responsible for law and order in states.

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Sharing links of few article that further throw light on the same issue.

Secularism = Discrimination of Majority Community?


Human Rights for Whom?

News traders have their own agenda and we don’t want to see ministers behaving like this. For middle class and Hindus there is legal action at the drop of a hat, why not for news traders? Even the judiciary is seen leaning towards secularism. Why single out only Hindu Festivals? 

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Award wapsi gang has not spoken a single word on such riots, air conditioned studio activists seem to be frozen like their frozen meat and Aamir Khan types will be busy watching for another opportunity to get INR 25 lacs for their NGO from CM Devendra Fadnavis.

HINDUS are left to crib on social media.

The problem is detected long back, fixing is taking too much of time and none other than central government is accountable to answer the delay. 

1 Desh 1 Pradhan 1 Nishan………….. time to add 1 KANOON. 

Will the centre act or wait for few more days / months, time will tell. Whatever be the case, the action on government part will be turning point. HINDUS are waiting to see legal action and not words or sermon.

Picture Credit: Hindu Post and screen shots from Twitter


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