February 19, 2019

WEST BENGAL – Silence of Central Govt. Award Wapsi Gang, Arm Chair Activists and 4th Pillar (Media)


Some sayings are not good in today’s era. Like Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden. The story of West Bengal is not new and has a trail that is endless. While we have no clue what the real Hindu victims would be going through, just a basic research on google shows the pattern of how situation is unfolding there and the alarming situation it has become. Listing down facts date wise.



Oct 7, 2014

Burdwan Blast in which three IM terrorist were killed and the house belonged to Nural Hasan a leader of TMC

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/TMC-activists-bomb-unit-blast-kills-12-in-Pingla/articleshow/47195063.cms  May 8, 2015

TMC activists bomb unit blasts kills 12 in Pingla

http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/one-killed-five-tmc-workers-injured-in-blast-in-party-office/1/548933.html Dec 16, 2015

One and 5 TMC worker injured in party office in bomb blast

http://www.hindustantimes.com/india/two-killed-in-crude-bomb-blast-in-bengal-s-birbhum-district/story-vJZn0yzYO3nBpgJy2XeSfP.html  Jan 22, 2016

2 killed in bomb blast

http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-west-bengal-3-dead-2-injured-in-crude-bomb-blast-in-murshidabad-district-2186752       March 8, 2016

Three killed while making Crude bombs

http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/west-bengal-three-killed-in-malda-while-making-bombs-2780065/  May 3, 2016

Four killed in bomb blast

http://www.thesouthasiantimes.info/news-134026-Latest%20News-31.html  June 2, 2016

Building collapses after crude bomb blast.

http://www.firstpost.com/india/west-bengal-one-killed-at-least-four-others-injured-in-bomb-blast-in-murshidabad-2858436.html  June 27, 2016

One killed 4 injured in bomb blast

http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/one-killed-in-crude-bomb-blast-in-bengal-town-116110700844_1.html     Nov 7, 2016

One killed in crude bomb blast

Where do we go from here? How many more brutal murders of innocent Hindus before the central government will act? Development is good but to catch the illegal bangladeshis and Rohingas spread all across India is equally important. Knowing Modiji he might be keeping a close vigil on the situation in West Bengal but every death of innocent Hindu is causing a lot of pain in rest of India.

Evaluate options and take action. The issue is not what Modiji and his team will do in due course. The issue is more the time to control this mess in West Bengal more the motivation to this class of barbarians in other part of the country. Time we start packing them out of our borders. We also need to understand and plug loopholes in security at Bangladesh border. Too much of damage is done by some greedy people for petty benefits.

Most importantly, a team from Home Ministry should visit affected areas of West Bengal, meet Hindu families there, ensure protection and assist in rehabilitating.

IMG_20161223_083608_463 IMG_20161223_083635_085

IMG_20161222_134406_323 IMG_20161222_134422_346 IMG_20161222_134437_424 IMG_20161222_134524_666 IMG_20161222_134541_629 IMG_20161222_134559_287 IMG_20161222_134625_103 IMG_20161222_134651_148 IMG_20161222_134715_231

Secular Media has played major role in ignoring the burning issue. Time to revisit the past.

Arrogant 1

arrogant 2 CLY1ja9UMAI_swV (2)

Screenshot_2016-08-08-14-50-41 Screenshot_2016-10-17-21-38-29

CdMkKgyW4AAIMHe (2) barkha_dutt (2)

malda (2) IMG_20161222_134422_346

The nation is also concerned and anxious to know what crime has the majority Hindu population done that after politicians, news traders, police even the judiciary is leaning on one side.



We do have concerned citizens who raise their voice without wasting their time.

Screenshot_2016-08-08-14-51-29 f7

IMG_20161222_134257_141 Screenshot_2016-08-12-12-37-07

Screenshot_2016-10-17-21-39-49 Screenshot_2016-10-17-21-42-23

Screenshot_2016-10-17-22-53-35 Screenshot_2016-11-27-12-45-57 (2)

The inability of the central government to put this man behind bar speaks volumes and gives motivation to trouble makers.

Screenshot_2016-11-28-10-35-58 (2)

We are not in Congress Era and we need to see tangible action. Fear should run down the spine of trouble makers, such should be the action. Routine press conference are and sending delegations are useless.

It is no more about Secularism. It has to do a lot with Federalism. The writer is not in favor of President rule. The writer has an ardent request.

10155934_604239982987222_1193518958_n (2)The writer wants Central government to send sufficient companies of CRPF to all affected districts of West Bengal.

Ensure the burnt homes and shops of Hindus are rebuilt. Sufficient financial aids given, not a token two lacs given.

Do combing operation and identify illegal bangladeshis and pack them to their origin.

Severe action against all who give entry to illegal Bangladeshis to our soil.

Parallely file writ petition in Hon High Court of Kolkotta and request for action to be taken against state administration. Challenge appeasement cards like salary / pensions to Imams to be scrapped.

Request Hon. Supreme Court of India  to set up a SIT on the atrocities being supported by state government.

Also a writ petition to be filed against Editors Guild who were vocal to support NDTV but now seems to gone for Christmas Vacation.

There are other useful articles written in same context worth reading.

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