April 19, 2019

What is hurting the Common Man?

IMG-20170412-WA0117While we keep discussing a lot of issues on social media, there is a big population that is still watching news channel, reading newspapers and to some extent getting some information on WhatsApp. We spoke to some SMEs in New Delhi and tried to understand what all burning issues are important for them. Here is the interview of Mr. Manoj Kumar.

He is concerned on six major issues:

Why our Jawans not given free hand by Army to fight back the stone pelters? We were happy when Modiji did surgical strike and we thought now on things would be different. What we have noticed is while we talk too much we do little and only after days of humiliation. Stone pelters is one big example. Media is given free hand in matters where it should not be. Why not the government gives standing instruction to media to not cover Kashmir till such time it doesn’t want. Let one senior officer from Army give brief as and when required. Human rights should be for law abiding citizens, army and police not for terrorists and their supporters. Not even media or any NGO. The day government acts tough things will improve. Kashmiri Pandits are not able to enjoy freedom in their own country so how has development helped?

Liquor Ban: Government has spent lot of time on GST, Jan Dhan, type schemes. Why not close all liquor factories. This banning of liquor in states is illegal. When political parties contest elections, they should declare all such steps also in election manisfesto. You can’t decide what adults would do. If the liquor making factory is legal then why ban liquor selectively. Democracy allows freedom to choose on every step.

Why crorepati MPs are taking salary. This should be stopped. Let all MP who have maximum 10 lacs of annual earning get benefits. They claim to be doing social service by coming in politics. We see so many MP and MLA becoming crorepati in two to three years. How? Are we blind? What kind of business they do? Ones who are crorepati should not be given a single paise. Rather they should be charged for taking Z security etc. Modiji said that all BJP MP should declare their asset and banking details during demonetisation period, what happened. We laugh at times see all this. Good work can’t be a reason to cover up un finished job promised by government itself.

How can police beat up hindus celebrating Hanuman Jayanti in Bengal? Either the supreme court or the central government should intervene. Hindus are killed in Bengal and Kerala everyday. So beating would be no news for the government. By not taking action, government is not doing good.

Dual Law. Anyone on duty has to be respected. If there is any issue a complaint is filed. This is the law for person like me. But if you are a MP or MLA you can hit with footwear and nothing happens. Why not make dual law system official? We are independant on paper and continue to be slaves of the political class. Britishers have left and political class taken over the charge. My India would be Independent the day we would have single law for all.

Education. Recently I have seen a viral video on WhatsApp on government and private schools. I add my thoughts to it if government is really serious. You take over land by giving money to land owners for making roads and dams. Why not take over all private schools, pay market rate to the owners and over night you have a world class infrastructure for all children. The reality is most of the education chain is owned by politicians so it will never happen. The government has done real good job so far but there are difficult decisions to be taken. This is one of them. Let there be proper school for all children.

About Manoj Kumar: He is based out of Delhi. He spends time in the morning interacting with children in newspaper industry. His objective is to find out how many are going to school or not. And if not he does counselling. One day he wish to have a network of citizens doing the same Pan India.

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